Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey all, it's been way to long since I have posted. and even longer since I have run:(!! As most of you know because of my husband/BR411 who still blogs, we were all hit with flu/Bronchitis back during the Feb school break. It has taken me a long time to recover from that, and on top of it other s&%t happened, and running just didn't happen. Hubby was laid off a few weeks ago, so I have been very stressed about that, and even looking to go back to work myself. Things are going well for us, so that is a positive, but it's still a stressful situation, and all of this happened on top of all of us being sick, so the stress levels have been higher than normal.

The strange thing is, now that my lungs and breathing are back to 100%, I am feeling pain in my right knee, on the outside. I'm guessing it's the IT band, but what has me frustrated is I haven't run. So why would it start hurting. Actually, the pain started while I was sick, it's just a lingering pain. Kind of feels like it is letting me know that I haven't run. If that makes any sense at all?? Yesterday I ran a great 4 miles in 40:48 around 'the pond' with Beachy, and though it didn't hurt, I could feel the tenderness in my right knee. This has me very concerned, as the Long Island Marathon is only 7 weeks away, and my training has been virtually non existent!!! I'm not concerned about running the Marathon, my concern is what would have caused my knee to flare up, since I haven't run? Could it just be strengthening issues, as it has done nothing in almost 4 weeks???

I still want to run Long Island, but am seriously considering switching to the Half Marathon (I've made a phone call, and am now just trying to find the location of where I have to go to make the switch in person). I am a little bummed I won't be running it, but I truly believe, under the circumstances (my miles just aren't there, as I missed 4 weeks of training, and this knee has me concerned??), that this is the best decision I can make. Considering, NYC is my ultimate goal.

I'm not pulling the plug today, as I can't find the place I'm supposed to go to. I did call and leave a message, hopefully I will hear back soon. I now have to focus on training for the Half, and getting my legs back in shape. I will definitely take this slow, and ramp the mileage up slowing, listening to how my body feels.

Thanks for listening, sorry this post was kind of a downer, but it really has helped me to put my thoughts into words. Hope all are well, and I look forward to getting back involved with my running community.