Friday, January 30, 2009


1:15 - got to the gym after a crazy morning, and new today was supposed to be an 11 mile run, but I had to be done by 3pm to pick Allie up from school, and I didn't want to push it, so I set the TM to 5.6 for the 1st mile, then 5.8 for the remainder, and ran for 1:32:06. Legs felt good, and glad I didn't push it! Decided to try something new today as an experiment, and it worked great. I had two small size snickers, I cut each in half and had 4 small pieces. At the 3 mile mark, 6 mile mark and 9 mile mark I at one of the small pieces. It was great and didn't upset my stomach at all. Not sure if snickers was what I was supposed to use, but I didn't have Milkey Ways.

The only bummer was that they vacuumed again and skewed my HR numbers, but heck, I'm still happy with the numbers over all, and the run felt great!!

My avg HR was 144 cardiac drift: 225

M1 10:40 165
M2 10:39 136
M3 10:40 140
M4 10:40 142
M5 10:40 144
M6 10:33 144
M7 10:40 144
M8 10:40 143
M9 10:39 142

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


2:10pm - Got to the gym and jumped on the same TM, set it to 5.6 and ran 6 miles in 1:03:16, I ran the EXACT same run as yesterday, everything the same, same TM, same speed, everything, except my HR was even lower today!!!

Avg HR was 131 Cardiac Drift: 142

M1 10:36 127 Cardiac Drift: 136
M2 10:33 134 Cardiac Drift: 142
M3 10:31 137 Cardiac Drift: 140
M4 10:32 143 Cardiac Drift: 142
M5 10:31 145 Cardiac Drift: 140
M6 10:32 146 Cardiac Drift: 142

I am so psyched to see that my Heartrate is improving! I really believe in this kind of training and I'm seeing the results, lets just hope come 5/3 on Marathon day I can reap the rewards!!!!

Have finally decided how my training is going to go:

Monday - Long run (so that I don't take up family time on Weekends!!!)
Tuesday - spin or recovery run, not sure but I want to fit in 2 spin classes a week
Wednesday - Tempo run
Thursday - Recovery run
Friday - Medium Long Run
Saturday - spin class or recovery run, again, not sure
Sunday - General Aerobic run, run like a progression

My basebuilding has finished and I feel very prepared for the above. I feel like I can run the 7 days a week, but I have read so much good stuff about spinning that I really want to incorporate 2 days of spinning (a great cardio workout, works muscles not used or a bit different than running). I just don't know where to put the spinning in. I knocked out Tuesday and Saturdays 6 mile recovery runs and put in the spin class, but my only concern is if I will be able to handle a spin class after a long run and after a Medium Long Run. I guess next week will be the test, just hope I don't over due it LOL

And I will do yoga 2 days a week, the core conditioning has only been extremely helpful and it has not negatively affected my running at all. Lets just hope that training continues the way it's been and that I'll be even more prepared for Marathon day!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


1:10pm - got to the TM, busy, but my favorite TM was available. Jumped on, set my iphone to play my favorite show and set the TM to 5.6, this time I ran all miles at 5.6. Legs are really feeling strong. Ran 6 miles for 1:03:24.

Avg HR was 137 Cardiac Drift: 146

M1 10:39 127
M2 10:34 134
M3 10:32 137
M4 10:32 143
M5 10:32 145
M6 10:33 146

I am really pleased with my heartrate. Thought it might be elevated today, as I ran yesterday, and yesterday I got "my friend", but it really wasn't and the run felt great!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


9:30 - After I dropped my kids at school, I hit the gym for power yoga, (9:30 - 11am). I'm really enjoying it. It was my 4th class, and I already feel a difference when I run, and during the class I can tell that I am doing more of the moves, with less discomfort. LOL Guess this old body can become flexible.

1:15pm - FINALLY got to the gym at my normal time, so there was NO rushing whatsoever. YEAHHHHH!!! Set the TM to 5.6, ran for 1 mile, then upped it to 5.8, and ran the next 5 miles at that. Legs are really feeling strong and I am way excited about my heartrate.

My avg HR was 131 cardiac drift: 144

M1 10:39 127 Cardiac Drift: 118
M2 10:12 134 Cardiac Drift: 129
M3 10:14 137 Cardiac Drift: 132
M4 10:13 143 Cardiac Drift: 134
M5 10:13 145 Cardiac Drift: 136
M6 10:13 146 Cardiac Drift: 138

Sunday, January 25, 2009


2:37pm - got to the gym after a great lunch with my parents and the BRfamily. We ate at a local restuarant called "Buffalo Grill" and I ordered a Buffalo burger with cheddar cheese. Decided I would eat that, then rest for an hour and a half before I hit the gym for my long run. Well, was supposed to run 12, but got to gym late and got in as much as I could before the gym closed, 8 good miles. I was a little concerned about eating before my run, as I usually don't, but I didn't eat breakfast this morning as I was running around doing stuff with the kids, and I knew that I had to eat something.

To my suprise the meal didn't bother me during my run. Not at all. But I did wait 1 1/2 hours to run LOL

Set the TM to 5.6 for the first .25, then bumped it up to 5.8 for the next .25, then went from 6.0 - 6.5 for the next 6 miles and for the last 1.5 ran at 6.0 Really felt good.

My avg HR was 136 cardiac drift: 147

M1 10:15 127 Cardiac Drift: 141
M2 9:53 134 Cardiac Drift: 150
M3 9:53 137 Cardiac Drift: 150
M4 9:52 143 Cardiac Drift: 153
M5 9:43 145 Cardiac Drift: 155
M6 9:14 146 Cardiac Drift: 152
M7 9:45 143 Cardiac Drift: 153
M8 9:58 141 Cardiac Drift: 147

Friday, January 23, 2009


Didn't get to the gym till 3:10, and I had to get Rebecca from the bus stop at 4pm, and since I wanted to run 5 miles, I set the TM to 6.0, at about a mile and a half I felt something in my right foot (nothing major, but made me realize I had NO warm up, stupid, stupid, stupid. Guess that happens when you're rushing and HAVE to get the mileage in LOL Well, From 1.5 to 2.5 I ran at 5.6 then 5.8, and the right foot felt fine, so I ran the next at 6.0, to get me to 3.0 miles, then I got the phone call (a bonus of my iphone/ipod, phone, it was BR411 asking if I was getting Rebecca at the bus stop or is he supposed to do it, as he is now home on Fridays. Well, that call came in at 3:43, and I still had 2 miles to go, I told him yup, I'm getting Rebecca, and cranked the TM up to 6.3 for half mile, then 6.5 for half mile, felt good, then 7.0 and finally 7.5 I don't think I've ever run that fast on a TM, but it felt good HR hit 185, LOL Thank goodness I don't do hard workouts often, but I think I'm good, or better for todays tempo run.

Oh, and I made it to the bus stop with 1 minute to spare LOL

5 miles in 48:13

HR avg was 144 and Cardiac Drift: 185

M1 - 9:56 136bpm Cardiac Drift: 159
M2 - 10:12 139bpm Cardiac Drift: 154
M3 - 10:10 142pm Cardiac Drift: 150
M4 - 9:47 147bpm Cardiac Drift: 157
M5 - 8:16 161bpm Cardiac Drift: 185

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh well, somethings gotta give, and with Allie's 6th birthday, THAT wasn't a choice, so cupcakes were made, got to the gym had a great run, but there was no time for power yoga:( Will aim for Monday for that!!

1:50pm - got to the gym, again EMPTY, love that!! Set the TM to 5.8, kept it at that for all 5 miles, ran for 51:25.

HR avg was 139 and Cardiac Drift: 147 Another great run!!

M1 - 10:22 133bpm
M2 - 10:16 140bpm
M3 - 10:16 141pm
M4 - 10:15 141bpm
M5 - 10:15 141bpm

Unfortuneately, Mr. BR411 got stuck in meetings in New Bedford, MA until 4pm, so he won't be home for dinner to celebrate Allies bday:( He is expected at 9pm, depending on traffic, so I will keep the girls up later than usual (don't think they are going to complain about that LOL), and we will celebrate in the morning. Then this Saturday we celebrate with Mr. BR411's family, and then my family the next Saturday, so again, it is the never ending birthday, oh to be a kid again LOL

Just looking at last year this time, granted I had just started running with the C25K program, but by 1.22.08 I had completed 7 run/walks for a total of 11.5 miles, this year, for 1.22.09, I have completed 13 runs, for a total of 67 miles. Not sure if I'll reach my goal of 2,009 miles for the year, but I know I will blow away last years mileage of 760.99.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Decided to run a progression run. It felt awesome, and if all goes well I will try to incorporate 2 progression runs into my training each week.

1:30pm - Got to the gym and TM's were all vacant. Yahoo!! Time was an issue, so decided to run a progression run so I could still get my miles in. First 2 miles were done at 5.6, next 2 miles were done at 5.8 and the last mile was done at 6.0 Legs really felt great. Wish I had more time today to run, but had to get kids from school.

Avg HR was 134 Cardiac drift: 150

M1 - 10:39 120bpm
M2 - 10:33 132bpm
M3 - 10:10 136pm
M4 - 10:11 140bpm
M5 - 9:50 142bpm

Tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday, and I spent most of today making cupcakes. I am hoping I will get to yoga from 9:30 to 11am, and then get in a TM run at the gym in the afternoon, but may drop by her class and do a craft, so not sure. Some days I wish there were more hours in the day to fit everything in. LOL but I will do my best to get back to the gym for a nice slow easy TM run

Monday, January 19, 2009


In-laws came and took the kids to lunch, so I finally had some free time to go to the gym and get my run in. I looked at the calendar, and there are no school vacations for 27 days, so, I should be able to get some good quality marathon training in between now and then!!

1:00pm - got to the gym and it was packed, but the TM's were vacant. YEAH!! Man, I still can't believe the resolution workout people are still hitting the gym. Good for them, and thankfully a TM has been vacant each time I've gone to the gym, but enough is enough. But the upside of a crowded gym is that they didn't vacuum, so I got a great reading on my Garmin HR monitor.

Set the TM to 5.6, and ran for 4miles in 42:14

Avg HR was 128 Cardiac drift: 139

M1 - 10:39 120bpm
M2 - 10:31 128bpm
M3 - 10:31 132pm
M4 - 10:31 134bpm

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Haven't run since Wednesday, nor have I done pushups or situps. Doing the house rearranging and participating in PARP took a lot out of me, so I relaxed Thursday and Friday. I woke today very rested and eager to go.

1:15pm - Hit the gym. It was packed but thankfully there was a TM available. YEAH!! It was the TM that maxes at 60min, so I had to break up my run into two 5 mile stints. But at least I got a long run in. Can't remember the last long run. LOL

Legs felt very strong, felt like I could run forever, but chose to stick to the plan.

My avg HR was 136 cardiac drift: 147

M1 10:40 123
M2 10:39 131
M3 10:40 139
M4 10:40 141
M5 10:40 140
M6 10:33 137
M7 10:40 136
M8 10:40 137
M9 10:39 138
M10 10:41 139

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Had a great day. Participated in PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) at my childrens school. It is a month long reading program to get kids reading. It kicked off today with a play about "once upon a time", where I played one of the seven dwarfs. I had a blast!!!

Yesterday I suprised BR411 by redecorating our house. I moved all the furniture around. I love the new set up, but today I was fairly sore. My house project yesterday had me moving furniture, etc, from 9am to 3pm. Felt fine while doing it, but woke this morning utterly exhausted (choosing to do this move yesterday was not the smartest move for me as Monday I did a ton of exercise), only to have to join in the school festivities today. The first play was put on at 10:15 for the AM kindergartners and 1st graders, then we had a long break and the second was put on for the PM kindergarteners and 2nd graders at 2:15pm

In between the shows I got a 4mile run in at the TM, with BR411 running on the TM next to me. Unfortuneately, my legs gave out at 4 miles, so BR411 didn't get to complete his 6 miles. Though I was exhausted, the miles felt good. Basically set the TM to 5.6 @ 0% incline and ran for 42:03. I would have taken today off, but since I did the move on Tuesday, I didn't get a run in, and I didn't want to go another two days with no run:( That happened over the weekend because of the snow, and I hate that!! Some day, we hope to have a TM, but right now our house is a little too small to accomodate one:(

But, today day was fantastic, and now I'm ready to crash LOL

Monday, January 12, 2009


9:30am – 11am – yoga. Went back for another class. It was great! I can’t even begin to write down what we did. All I know is that I did more today than I did last time, and it felt great!

1:05pm – Gym was nice an empty again. I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and set it for 5.6, ran for for 1:03:21 for 6 miles. It felt awesome!!! Thought it might hurt after the yoga, but it didn’t. I wanted to do a longer run since I didn’t run at all this weekend because of the snow. But I got to the gym later than I wanted and I had to get the kids, so I settled for a really good 6 mile run!

Avg HR was 136 Cardiac drift: 146

M1 - 10:40 119bpm
M2 - 10:32 123bpm
M3 - 10:31 126pm
M4 - 10:32 131bpm
M5 - 10:32 131bpm
M6 - 10:32 136bpm

6:45pm – Was going to do my pushups and situps tomorrow as I was a bit sore from yoga this morning, but I was scheduled to do them today and I just wanted to do them, so I did LOL
Pushup challenge W5D1 modified, 17+19+15+15+28=94 Arms are shaking like crazy as I type this, but it’s a good shake after an awesome workout!

7:05pm – Situp challenge W1D2 9+12+9+9+12+=51 Abs hurt a bit, but feels good to have it done, knowing I don’t have to do situps tomorrow LOL

Saturday, January 10, 2009


1:15pm - Performed the pushup exhaustion test, did 33 Puts me in column 1 for W5D1 which will be done on Monday!! Wow, I'm psyched my first exhaustion test I could only do 20, Definitely getting stronger:)!! Again, doing my pushups modified, but I'm definitely getting stronger and I will repeat the 100 pushup challenge again, doing real pushups!!

Snowing right now, but plan is to do my TM run at the gym when I drop my daughter at a playdate at 2:45. If any of this happens is still up in the air, as it is snowing. Will have to see what the weather is like at 2:30. If it's not too bad, and I can get the car out of the driveway, I'll get it done, if not, it will be a weather forced rest day:( Another reason why some day I want a TM in my house LOL!!!

Nope, canceled the playdate and not driving to the gym. We are house bound due to the snow:( Argghhhhh

Friday, January 9, 2009


9:15am - Finally got to do my situps!! W1D2 9+12+9+9+12=51

2:15pm - Got to the gym, empty again:). I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and set it for 5.6. Ran 4 miles in 42:17

Avg HR was 135 cardiac drift: 148

M1 - 10:39 127bpm
M2 - 10:32 135bpm
M3 - 10:31 138pm
M4 - 10:33 140bpm

Thursday, January 8, 2009


11:45am - Messed up on my pushup challenge, today was the start of week 5, so I was supposed to do an exhaustion test to determine which column I would do for weeks 5&6, but I forgot, and just started the program at week5, day 1, column 1 again, modified pushups
Still thrilled with my progress, but I will take tomorrow off and on Saturday I will do the exhaustion test to determine which column I should be doing and then on Monday start week 5 all over again. So what's a few extra pushups. LOL

1:27pm - Got to the gym, empty again:). I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and set it for 5.6, yesterdays run felt so good, wanted to do it again! Ran for 1:03:19 for 6 miles. It felt awesome!!!

Avg HR was 131 cardiac drift: 223 (not sure what it really was, as the employee once again vacuumed during my 2nd mile, when I asked her to stop she did, but still messed up the numbers:( She has agreed to not vacuum when I am running on the TM, lets see if that happens. LOL

M1 - 10:40 122bpm
M2 - 10:32 131bpm
M3 - 10:31 132pm
M4 - 10:32 132bpm
M5 - 10:31 135bpm
M6 - 10:31 136bpm

Much better on hitting the lap button for each mile split:) and the heartrate was better too!

Still haven't done the situps, but hope to do them before I crash for the nite:) Will hopefully post back those results before bedtime.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Forgot to post yesterday, finally made it to a yoga class (1 1/2 hour class). I've done yoga before, but never in an actual class. I liked it. Couldn't do everything, but it was a good start, and I will go back again:)

1:20pm - Got to the gym and it was empty. I belong to a very small gym in our neighborhood, I love it when it's empty. That is why I usually run between 12:30 & 3pm when I run on the TM that is, the times the gym is most empty. I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and decided to set it for 5.6, nice and slow and easy. Ran for 1:03:27 for 6 miles. It felt awesome!!!
Avg HR was 137 cardiac drift: 155

M1 - 10:42 131bpm
M2 - 10:31 138bpm
M3 - 10:38 137bpm
M4 - 10:28 138bpm
M5 - 10:34 139bpm
M6 - 10:31 141bpm

LOL, not so great on hitting the lap button each mile split, but close enough LOL Grrr, when will the weather/roads let me run outside again:)

Still have to do my pushups and situps, but today was a crazy day, and right now we are rushing of to my 2nd graders Karate class (she just started this week), and then I have play rehearsal for our PARP reading program, where the parents are putting on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I'm playing one of the Dwarfs) LOL

I hope to do the PUs and SUs tonite, if not, first thing in the a.m.:)

Monday, January 5, 2009


Legs are feeling really good, but I have to start doing stretching/yoga. It's official, Marathon training for me started today. I am running the Long Island Marathon as a tune up, to gain experience for when I run NYC in November. I'm really excited for this race. The course is flat, though many say extremely boring, you run one loop and then repeat. Funny, though I haven't done it yet, I am excited for this kind of a course. Time will tell:)

1:55pm - TM set at 0% incline & 6.0 speed. Ran for 30:00 minutes for 3 miles

M1 - 10:20 161bpm
M2 - 10:20 179bpm
M3 - 10:20 167bpm

Employees were vacuuming again, so HR was all over the place, but I'm not concerned cause I know at this pace on the TM my HR stays well within 65-70%

5:50pm - Just completed week 4 of the Pushup Challenge- modified:
16+18+13+13+22=82 arms r really shaking
Week 5 starts Wed!
Now time 4 situps:)

6:15pm - W1D1 situp challenge complete: 9+9+6+6+20=50
am I the only1who feels like I'm going 2 hurl? LOL hope that's a good sign that I worked my abs

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well after yesterdays run, todays run went fantastic!! BR411 and I both ran on the TMs at the gym and it was great running side by side:)

11:50am - TM set at 0% incline & 5.8 speed. Ran for 1:02:00 for 6 miles
M1 - 10:20 161bpm
M2 - 10:20 179bpm
M3 - 10:20 167bpm
M4 - 10:20 168bpm
M5 - 10:20 157bpm
M6 - 10:20 149bpm

Saturday, January 3, 2009


LOL, no I didn't shat my shorts, but man am I thankful I was running on the TM at the gym. Kind of ironic as yesterday was my 1 year anny for running:) Around mile 3.5 my belly really started to cramp and just felt icky. I stuck it out till Mile 4, and stopped the TM, and bolted for the ladies room LOL Made it, but man, I have never shat so much in my life. LOL Plan for today was to run 6, so after I got myself together I got back on the TM. I drink every mile, so I still had my water bottle. I finished it. Then started running again. At about the 5 mile mark, I decided to call it quits cause I was just feeling icky and dehydrated. Came home and spending the day drinking water:)

1:15pm - Basically the same run as yesterday, just more miles. Set the TM to 0% incline & 5.8 speed.

M1 - 10:24
M2 - 10:15
M3 - 10:16
M4 - 10:16
M5 - 10:11

6:00pm - Pushup Challenge W4D2 - modified pushups

Glad hubby was watching me to make sure I stuck to good form, though modified pushups. 14+16+12+12+20=74 LOL, on my last pushup of the last set I scared my kids when I screamd/grunted, but I finished!!

Last workout, in the last set I got to the minimum 17 and when I tried to hit the next one, I fell flat on my face. LOL Today, last set minimum was 18, and I hit 20. Yeah baby!!! Definitely getting stronger.

I SO badly want to try real pushups to see where I am at, but will resist the temptation & stick to the program:)!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

1st run of 09' 3M on TM

Todays run happened because Hubby came home early and I was able to get to the gym before it closed:) Thank You!!! Thank goodness kids go back to school on Monday!!!

6:10pm - Great 3mile run on the TM. Legs felt good and I really wanted to run further but the gym was closing and I didn't want to over do it, as I will run again tomorrow. Set the TM to 0% incline & 5.8 speed.

HR avg 141 cardiac drift: 156

M1 - 10:20 134bpm
M2 - 10:20 143bpm
M3 - 10:20 145bpm

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow, today is my blogs one year anniversary & I'm still here:)

I'm not going to go into any detail as yesterdays post covered that.

Will post back later today with my results of the 100 Pushup Challenge. I've completed 3 weeks (doing column 1 with modified women's pushups)

W4,D1 starts today:)

wow that was awesome Just finished W4D1pushup challenge: Modified version:)


I collapsed on the floor attempting #17 on last set LOL This is the first time it really felt good and like I worked hard. Now THAT feels GOOD!