Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Weather was a bit nippy, though the temp said 52 degrees, and the sun was FINALLY shining. I basically ran the exact same course/run that I ran this past Saturday, but I did not sprint up the hills to my house. I did run them, but did not sprint them.

Interesting to note though, I ran it in 47:58 today, with no sprinting, and on Saturday, where I sprinted the last .33, my time was 49:28, about a minute and a half slower. Go figure. My heart rate today was also better, staying at an average heart rate of 138bpm, with cardiac drift: 156bpm bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183) On Saturday, the avg HR: was 136bpm, with cardiac drift: 176bpm

I set my Garmin Virtual Partner (a.k.a. George), hence the reason for my blogs song, the theme from Curious George:) Anyway, I set George to run 4.33 in 53:00, and stayed way ahead of him the whole time. I'm really getting used to running with him, and really might use him during my next race. It's really easy to read, and know when I'm ahead. We'll see.

Time: 47:57
Distance: 4.34 miles
AVG Pace: 11:03
Calories: 329
AVG HR: 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 156bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183)

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:44 AVG HR: 119bpm Cardiac Drift: 146
Mile 2: 11:10 AVG HR: 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 150
Mile 3: 11:01 AVG HR: 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 150
Mile 4: 10:58 AVG HR: 144bpm Cardiac Drift: 152
.34: 4:00 AVG HR: 149bpm Cardiac Drift: 156

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Great run today on the treadmill at the gym. Went on the treadmill by the door this time, and really had a great run. No aches and pains, and I kept the speed at 5.0 I really like this treadmill better. And my HR numbers are much better, even though I was running at a faster speed:) Tomorrow, supposed to be sunny and blue skies, so I will get outside:)
Time: 37:00
Distance: 3 miles
AVG Pace: 12:20
Calories: 185
AVG HR: 122bpm Cardia Drift: 129bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183)

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 12:20 AVG HR: 120bpm Cardia Drift: 126
Mile 2: 12:20 AVG HR: 122bpm Cardia Drift: 126
Mile 3: 12:20 AVG HR: 123bpm Cardia Drift: 129

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Had a fantastic run on the treadmill this morning at the gym. Kept the speed at 4.6, so it was nice and slow. No aches and pains and the HR stayed under 70%.
Time: 38:40
Distance: 3 miles
Calories: 307
AVG HR: 125bpm Cardia Drift: 133bpm

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Had a great run this morning despite having chinese food for dinner last night. We were at my in-laws watching the Ranger game (Game 1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins series). Great game, but they blew a 3-0 lead, and lost with 1:49 left of the game, 5-4. They need to work on consistency, and playing the puck, and playing defensively. They got that lead, and sat back on their heels:( Anyway, I got out voted and we had Chinese food, and figured I would pay for it during my run today. But I didn't. No stitches, No aches and pains, just a wonderful 4.33 miles. It was a beautiful day today. About 52 degrees when I went out. Plan was to keep it nice and slow (keeping the HR under 70%), and I did that. I set my Garmin's virtual partner (a.k.a. George), to run 4 miles in 48 minutes, a 12 minute pace. I stayed ahead of him the whole way, and mostly kept my HR below 70%. During the first 4 miles, I stayed way below 70%, except when I hit two hills, the cardiac drift went up to about 149. But then instead of walking back up to my house (the hills), I decided to sprint them, and see how high my HR would go, to maybe FINALLY figure out what my MAX is.

I decided today, after my 4 mile run, that I would sprint up the hills to my house. It felt great. I ran past my house and up the hill, hoping to get my HR as high as possible. I was tired, but not that tired. The highest I saw it was 176, and though I was exhausted, I 'think' I could have gone further, so I don't think I reached my MAX. But back in 2005, 174 was my max, so.... But during my race, I did see 183, so it's more likely that my MAX is higher than 174.
I will attempt to do this again, run my run, and then sprint up the hill. I'm not sure how big the hill is, but my Garmin is telling me the hill going up Harrison is a grade of 31 feet, and the hill going up Taylor is a grade of 25 feet. Not sure as elevation and grade are Greek to me:) LOL Will have to ask Johnny about this. But again, I didn't run to complete exhaustion, so I don't think I hit my MAX at 176.

Time: 49:28
Distance: 4.33 miles
AVG Pace: 11:26
Calories: 339
AVG HR 135 Cardia Drift: 154

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 11:33 AVG HR: 130 Cardia Drift: 145
Mile 2: 12:03 AVG HR: 132 Cardia Drift: 141
Mile 3: 11:28 AVG HR: 136 Cardia Drift: 152
Mile 4: 10:46 AVG HR: 144 Cardia Drift: 154
.33: 3:34 AVG HR: 156 Cardia Drift: 176 (pretty close to my Max, but I did see 183 during my race, as at this point my legs gave out but my HR still felt strong. go figure:(
Overall GREAT run today. I'm amazed that I don't have any leftover aches from my race this past Sunday, as I RAN that race, and have never run that fast before. Guess my body is in much better shape than I thought:)!!

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2008

Rest day:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


First day back running since the race. Legs feel really good. I took Mon, Tues & Wed off just to be safe:) Today's run was a very slow/easy run. I actually programed the Garmin to race the Virtual Partner (I'll call him George), and set it to complete a 5K in 36:00 minutes. I stayed a tad ahead of George the whole way, but still kept a great slow pace. Though it was VERY hot out there today. Warm weather is here. Was about 60 degrees for the run, with blue skies and sunny.

Time: 35:08:31
Distance: 3.15 miles
Avg Pace: 11:09
Calories: 246
HR: 135bpm Cardia Drift: 149bpm

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:52 AVG HR: 131bpm Cardia Drift: 142bpm
Mile 2: 10:43 AVG HR: 139bpm Cardia Drift:149bpm
Mile 3: 11:43 AVG HR: 132bpm Cardia Drift:140bpm
.15: AVG HR: 135bpm Cardia Drift:137bpm

Run felt really good. I liked running against "George". Might try to use him more in training, so I feel comfortable using him during a race! But it is a learning curve, and it's all about what I feel comfortable with! This mode does not allow for me to see HR zones, or avg pace, but it does tell me if I am ahead or behind, and I can still see my HR, so again, I just have to get used to this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All of us running together at the start:)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Thanks Honey!!
5,865 people ran the race, I came in 2,726 overall
2,809 women ran the race, I came in 761 gender place
251 women ran the race b/t ages 40-44 (I'm 43), I came in 62

Pretty COOL!!!!!!!!!


Adidas Run for the Parks 4M
List by Runner Number: 7106
Distance: 4.0 Miles
Date/Time: April 20, 2008, 9:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 50 deg., 89% humidity, wind 12 mph.

The official stats from the website:

Bib # 7106

Gender/age: F43
Distance (miles): 4.0
Finish Time: 34:21
Pace Time: 8:35
Overall Place: 2726
Gender Place: 763
Age Place: 62

AG Time: 32:25 (don't know what this means??)

AG Gender place: 567

Age-Graded%: 59.3%

Well, I woke up around 5am, had my pre race meal of oatmeal and a banana. Got ready, and met my brother John at the train station, as we had decided to take public transportation into the race this time, as the Pope was in town. Travel into the race went without a hitch, and we were picking up our bibs by 8:20ish. Met up with Tom and John B.

We got ourselves ready and went over to the start. This race was the first one where there was a coral start. Because my race time from last race was a 9:48 pace, the computer PUT me in the 9:48 corral for this race:( So, since I couldn't move forward, everyone moved back to my coral to start the race. Thank you guys, but if I can't get my pace changed for the next race, please start where you were assigned, because I know we all came in about a minute slower than we should have because of the crowd, and very slow start. But I will do my best to get the pace changed to reflect more of what I can do.

Anyway, on to the race. It was awesome. My goal was to finish in 34:00, and to really keep pace with John B., or be in sight of him the whole way. John B. was hoping he would beat the 8min mile, not that I could do that, but wanted to be able to see him to make me run faster:) He met his goal, crossing the finish line at a 7:54 pace. Way to go John B.!!! We started out, and it was crowded and slow. I followed John B., and we zig zagged our way through. I felt good, pace was all over the place, from as slow as 11:00 at one point and as fast as 7:00 at one point. Not the best way to start out, but it was crowded. I felt good. I was with John B. till about the .5 mark, then we got separated. I could still see him as I approached the 1 mile mark, but after that he was gone in the crowd, so I ran the race by my garmin, and picked people to follow along the race. That was fun. I passed lots of people, and really had a fun race. At the mile mark, I took off, was weaving in and out of people, and just focusing and concentrating on keeping my HR effort up and my pace up. I was really pleased.

Mile 1 - 8:50 pace HR 165 - 183 bpm
Mile 2 - 8:20 pace HR 169 - 175bpm
Mile 3 - 8:45 pace HR 172 - 176bpm
Mile 4 - 7:50 pace HR 172 - 181bpm
370ft - :36sec HR 180 - 183bpm

So, I didn't beat my goal of 34:00, but I came damn close (34:21), and a heck of a lot faster than my previous time (of 39:19) on the exact same course!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I am so thrilled. I knew I could do better. I wasn't sure I could do the 7:30 - 8:00 minute pace that my training was indicating on paper, that I could do, but I just knew I could do better. I was very focused this race to run by effort, and I made sure my HR stayed up and my pace was quicker. I believe last race, my HR stayed between 151 - 169 or so, this time it was between 165 and 183 the whole time!!! I ran the whole race at 85% - 90% HR. something I have never done before, and it felt GREAT!! Now, I know how to continue to train, and how to run my races. I can not wait till my next race on Mother's Day. It's another 4 mile race, so hoping the course will be the same again, and I can really see if I can improve, 'just a little'. A MONSTER HAS BEEN CREATED:)

Oh, and I forgot to say, I feel pretty good today. Not that sore at all, but my muscles are tightening up a little while I type on the computer today. But I had to track my friend Bruce, who was running the Boston Marathon today, and he did great!!! Can't wait to read his report. Again, Thanks Bruce and Allen for all the training tips you provided to me. You both have taught me SO much. I am now a RUNNER!!!

I hope to have some pics as soon as they are posted on the website. That is, if the photographers got a picture of me:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Had my race today and it went great!! It's late now, as I spent the afternoon at my in-laws for my mother-in-laws birthday, but wanted to post my results. I will post the whole story tomorrow!
This races course was the exact same race course I ran for my first race on March 9th where I ran it in 39:14 (9:48 pace). Today I ran the course in 34:21 (8:35 pace), so to say that I'm thrilled is an understatement. I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

I have to thank Bruce and Allen for helping me realize that I needed to up my cadence/stride, and STOP running the race like a training run. I ran this race at HR 169 - 184. and finished the race exhausted. EXACTLY how I wanted too!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Be back tomorrow with more details!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Decided not to do my 4 mile run today, as I ran yesterday. Legs feel good. Taking a rest day today and tomorrow and then my race is on Sunday!!!

Lot's to do today with my kids. I'll be in my first grader's class in the a.m. for Earth Day project, and then will my younger one in her class in the PM. So, no more training runs for me until race day!!

Here's hoping I can implement the 180bpm cadence into my race and do better than I have been doing in my races!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Still feel good, trying to decide if I should do a very slow 3 miles on the treadmill today or take a rest day. Hmmm......
Time: 36:00
Distance: 3.0

HR - avg 135 MAX 142
Splits were the following:
Mile 1: 12:00 137bpm
Mile 2: 12:00 141bpm
Mile 3: 12:00 142bpm

Had a really good run on the treadmill at the gym. Kept it really slow. Pace was 5.0, so a 12 minute mile. Felt really good.

I was actually even able to count my cadence. I counted each time my right foot hit the ground. It was 83 x 2 = 166bpm. And that was at my 70% HR. Pretty cool. We'll see how my run tomorrow goes. Though I will probably just do a very easy 4 mile run with no tempo running to make sure I'm fresh for Sunday's race.
Now, if I could just do this in the race. Cause if my pace/cadence is 166bpm at 70%HR, it certainly should be a faster pace/cadence when I am running at 85% HR during the race.
My mantra during the race will be "i can do this, stay at 85% HR effort, and I can do this". LOL


Time: 45:08
Distance: 4.06
pace/mile: 11:07
361 calories

HR was between 150 and 173Bpm

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 11:21 145bpm
Mile 2: 11:09 151bpm
Mile 3: 12:31 148bpm
Mile 4: 9:36 158

This run was awesome. After discussing my training stategy with Bruce, I realized that my LHR training is going perfectly. However, based on my training numbers, when I run about a 10min mile at 70% HR, theoretically on paper, when I run a race at 85 -90%, it 'should' translate to about an 8 minute mile, give or take a few seconds (obviously taking into consideration weather conditions on race day), but my problem is, this is not my case when running a race. I do run faster, but not the pace the predictions are saying I should.

Talking with Bruce made me realize my running/stride/cadence, is my PROBLEM. So, I did an experiment today. I knew I would not be able to run my whole run today at 180bpm cadence, as my friend would not be able to join me, and sort of defeat the purpose of running with a friend. So, we ran the first 3.5 miles together, very easy, had great conversation, and then at the 3.5 mile mark I took off and ran as close to a 180bpm cadence as I could, and kept an 8:20 pace for the whole .5 mile. It felt awesome!!! My HR went as high as 173, so I know I could have gone faster (I still don't know my TRUE MAX HR, but my estimated is 188). But, not sure if I could have sustained this pace for the whole 4 miles. But it was great getting the feel.

What I did was I found a free podcast on itunes, it's called Podrunner, and I downloaded the 180bpm song. It was hard to really follow it, but I listened for the beats, and my feet should be hitting the ground on each beat. I really think I did pretty well for my first test/practice. I will try to do this with a run, once a week, to get used to it. Since I just started running in January, I don't have enough of a base to really incorporate intervals/hills/speed work into my training. I don't want to get injured. So in a sense, my races are my speed work for now, and maybe this faster tempo run once a week. We'll try it and see how it goes.

My goal is to be able to get faster. I know I can run faster (my HR indicates such), I just have to make my legs realize they can run faster. With the two races I've run in the last 3 years, at the end of both races, I really didn't feel winded. I want to finish a race, with nothing left in the tank. I want to be completely spent. My problem has been, though I want to accomplish this, I've been running way too cautiously for fear of going out to fast and not being able to finish. Hence, I end up not going out fast at all.

I will use this podcast during my race on Sunday and see if it can keep me at the 8:20 pace. Again, not sure if I can maintain the pace for 4 miles, but my body will tell me that. I am either going to completely bonk and not finish, or have a great PR. Let's hope for the latter:)!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, the achy fluy (sp?) symptoms are GONE!! Still taking today as a rest day, as I don't want to push it. Still have a runny nose, but the heaviness on my chest is now gone. No more medicine from today forward, as I don't want that stuff in my system for the race. Here's hoping my health continues to improve.
Will be back tomorrow with my run report, as the plan is to run 3+ miles with my friend Denise.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Taking today and tomorrow off as rest days. Still feel sick/achy. Sore throat is gone, but still have runny nose and just feel achy. Not from running, but the achy you feel when you have the flu:(

My race is on Sunday, and I don't want to do anything that will mess me up. So some R&R today and tomorrow, and I'll see how I feel on Wednesday. Plan to run Wed with Denise again. Then rest on Thursday, run Friday, and then rest Saturday, and race Sunday!!
Here's hoping my cold/flue goes away!!!!!
SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2008
Woke up with a cold this morning. Runny nose, sore throat. YUCK!! Took some alca zeltzer medicine and seemed ok. So in the afternoon, after my daughters soccer game decided to go for a run. Planned on 4, as it started, said ok, 3, but only ended up running 2 and walking the rest (.75) home.
Run felt ok. Just could not get rid of a stitch, that seemed to get worse and worse as the run went on. Hence, why I cut it short and walked. Just feel lathargic. I don't think the stitch was due to the running, just think my stomach may not have agreed with the cough medicine I took. Though I took it about 5 hours before I ran.
Time: 35:29
Distance: 2.75
pace/mile: 12:54
247 calories

HR was between 121 and 145bpm

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:59 129bpm
Mile 2: 11:19 131bpm
.75: 13:11 108bpm

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This morning my daughter and I participated in her schools Walk-a-thon for Make a Wish Foundation. It was really awesome. I am soooo proud of her. The event raised $5500+ to send a young girl to Disney.
Rebecca walked for the whole 60 minutes, and she completed 10 times (2.5 miles) around the high school track. Not too shabby:) The best part was she never complained, was excited to do it, and followed through, even when it got HOT, and finished.
I am SOOO proud of her.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Had a great run today with a friend. Didn't feel my right ankle at all:) and the weather was just perfecto!!
Lucked out with the weather. They were calling for rain, but had blue skies and sunny, about 55 degrees.
Was a little worried about my ankle, but I wore the ankle support, and I didn't feel anything. Ran a different route than I usually do, but one that my friend runs all the time with her husband. Was basically flat, except for a rolling/gradual hill between mile one and two. But not bad at all, and the ankle proved to be OK.
Time: 41:46
Distance: 3.69
pace/mile: 11:19
307 calories
HR was between 148 and 166bpm
My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:55 142bpm
Mile 2: 11:40 153bpm
Mile 3: 11:31 149bpm
.69: 7:39 150bpm

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, I woke up this morning and my ankle seems fine. I was able to walk on it immediately with no discomfort. I have already iced it once, and went to the drugstore and got an ankle wrap/support. I'm not taking any chances.
Thankfully whatever I did was minor. There was never any swelling or bruising.
But, my ankle definitely does not like me sitting upright, with my legs hanging down from a chair, so it is time to sign off and get away from the computer and get this ankle elevated!!!!
This morning when picking up my youngest at pre-school, I turned my ankle. I couldn't believe it. Stood there for a few minutes and tried to stretch it out. Seemed ok. Gave the little one lunch and then brought her to her PM pre-school. I came home, did a few things, ankle felt fine so I went out and ran 4.32.

The ankle NEVER hurt during my run and I had a great run.
Distance: 4.32
Time: 45:53
Avg pace: 10:37
Calories: 405
Avg HR = 139 Max HR = 159

splits today were:
Mile 1 - 11:26 130bpm
Mile 2 - 10:23 137 bpm
Mile 3 - 10:32 142bpm
Mile 4 - 10:23 148bpm
.32 - 3:07 144bpm
Run really felt great! Rushed home, and instead of icing or taking a tubby, I rushed a shower and rushed to get my older daughter at school to take her to a birthday party. Ankle still felt good. However, during the party, it was at a movie theater, they saw "Nims Island". Great movie, btw. Anyway, during the movie, my ankle really started to stiffen and get VERY sore. By the end of the movie, I could barely put any weight on it:( I was able to get us home. I immediately stuck my foot in an ice bucket. For 5 minutes in and 5 minutes out, for about a half hour. Then I took the ice, put it in a zip lock bag, and just let the ice bag on my ankle, while I helped my daughter do homework. Probably about a half hour. Also, this whole time, I was laying flat on the couch. Amazingly, by the time we went to bed, ankle felt good. Still achy, but not the pain it had. I'm guessing sitting in an upright chair at the movie theater was NOT the smartest thing I should have done.
Strange that after I tweaked the ankle, I was able to run 4.32 miles with no pain, and then have it act up hours later. Hmmm.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


44 degrees, blue skies and sunny
Total time: 32:42
Distance: 3.01
Calories - 266
HR stayed between 128 and 140
AVG pace per mile: 10:51
Overall pleased with todays run. Had a stitch, but not sure if that is due to my monthly 'friend'. Still feel icky, but glad I got the run in. And SOOOO glad it came now, so I won't have 'it' during my race:)


Got my 'friend' and feel kind of 'icky':(

Sunday, April 6, 2008


After taking yesterday as a REST day, had a really good treadmill run at the gym!
Total time was 46:02
Distance: 3.87
Calories - 422

5 minute warmup walk to .3 @ 3.2 MPH
Mile 1 @ 5.2 MPH 12:57 HRavg 113 HRmax 131
Mile 2 @ 5.4 MPH 11:03 HRavg 134 HRmax 141
Mile 3 @ 5.5 MPH 10:47 HRavg 140 HRmax 144
.5 @ 5.6 MPH 5:13 HRavg 133 HRmax 142
2min cool down walk @ 3.0 MPH
My heartrate was between 113 and 144 the whole time:)
Run felt really good today. I think I'm a treadmill addict. LOL Not sure if I really like the treadmill, or if it was because my husband was at the gym running on the treadmill next to me. It was awesome. He started week 3, day 1 of c25K, and it was really great seeing him do his workout!!! Great job honey!!!
I'm doing a great job keeping the HR low. And I did increase the speed from Friday. Tomorrow I believe it's supposed to be nice, so will be fun to be outside again.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Well, I haven't been on a treadmill since 2005, and I was dreading this run, but it was chilly and rainy, and I wanted to get this run in, so treadmill at the gym was my only way.
Suprise, it wasn't that bad. Back in 2005 my quads would ache, but not this time. I took it easy, started at 3.2 and went up only as high as 5.4. I didn't want to push the speed, but I will attempt to increase the speed each time I use the treadmill. But I will let my body dictate how fast I go on the treadmill.

I wonder if my quads didn't hurt this time around because I have been running for 3 months outside, with 50 runs under my belt. (roughly 172 miles). Pretty cool stats. And it's only the beginning. Whereas in 2005, I did vertually all of my c25K on the treadmill and then went outside when I couldn't take the treadmill anymore. Hmm...

Total time was 45:48
Distance: 3.58

5 minute warmup walk @ 3.2 when the distance hit .3, I upped it
to 5.0 and ran for 1 mile
then 5.2 for another mile
then 5.4 for another mile
then back to 5.0 running for about 5 minutes or so till I was at 3.5 miles total,
then down to 3.0 for walking to cool down.

My heartrate was between 120 and 138 the whole time:)

Run felt good. I won't be so nervous about the treadmill next time, and next time it rains or whatever, I will treadmill it instead of missing a run!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


51 degrees, blue skies, sunny. No wind at all today:)

Distance: 5.0
Time: 52:50
Avg pace: 10:34
Calories: 454
Avg HR = 130 Max HR = 150

splits today were:
Mile 1 - 11:06 138bpm
Mile 2 - 10:40 136 bpm
Mile 3 - 10:06 148bpm
Mile 4 - 10:16 146bpm
Mile 5 - 10:39 142bpm

Run felt great. Decided to run the first mile on a flat road. Then proceed on my normal route which goes uphill for about a mile, then flat, then down hill. I finished by doing the flat road for about 3/4 of a mile to total 5 miles. It really felt good!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After I dropped my little one off at pre-school, I had a very enjoyable 2 mile walk with my friend Gwen. It was great. Nice walk up through the hills of Centerport, near Little Neck. Though the temperatures said 52 degrees, it sure didn't feel like it with the wind blazing off the water. But it was a lot of fun walking with Gwen and we hope to do it again soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


51 degrees, gray skies, very WINDY, but warm

Distance: 4.0
Time: 50:12
Avg pace: 12:32
Calories: 307
Avg HR = 128 Max HR = 137
splits today were:
Mile 1 - 12:15 125bpm
Mile 2 - 13:36 131 bpm
Mile 3 - 13:10 128bpm
Mile 4 - 12:05 131bpm (downhill)

Run today felt great eventhough at times I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Wow, it was WINDY out there. But thankfully, warm. Not sure if I made a mistake wearing my wind pants, as it seemed they caught the wind, and at times I felt like I was running no where. LOL but the run felt good, and did well keeping the HR down. Though I did notice for the first time that I was thirsty by mile 3. Wonder if that had anything to do with the wind??