Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Two days in a row I got the kids off to camp/school, I got myself ready, and as soon as I dropped them off, I was out the door. YEAH!!!!!
Run today was good. Still felt the left calf, but not that bad. What concerned me was that the pain/ache moved up to my lower back, around the lumbar 5. It tweaked while running, but again, nothing too bad, I was still able to run and finish my 5 mile run. Thank goodness hubby/beachrunner411 gave me the most amazing massage tonight, and seriously cracked my back, so I think I'm A.O.K. I think I wrenched things playing tennis last week and then running my race. Two completely different things that I should NOT be trying to attempt at the same time. Running was/is going so well, and I have put a wrench in it by inserting the tennis at this time. Tennis requires movements from side to side. Completely different muscles. But, win or lose, this weekend it will be OVER!!!
Time: 52:00
Duration: 5 Miles
Avg pace: 10:24
Calories: 451
HR stayed between 129 and 155
M1 - 10:44
M2 - 10:45
M3 - 10:29
M4 - 9:35
M5 - 10:27

Monday, July 21, 2008


So I took yesterday off, as we had company (hubby’s two college buddies with their wives and children) on Saturday, immediately after my race. We spent the whole day at our club swimming and then had a great meal at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. All the kids, including ours (5 girls total) are basically the same age (range from 5-8 years old). They really had a blast and all played SO well together and so did the parents:) I really enjoy getting together with this crowd:)!!!

So today’s run schedule called for an 8 mile long run. To date, I haven’t been real good about following my half marathon plan. Not sure if it is all the races I’ve had (which are now finished until September, except for next week, when I will run with my hubby:), or having the kids around more as it is summer vacation, or what, but my “ME” time is definitely limited:( But I did my best to start the week off right by getting the kids ready for camp/school, and also getting MYSELF ready to run as soon as I dropped them off. I got them off at 9ish, and I was out the door at 9:15. I know, not the best time of day to start a long run in this humidity, but you gotta do, what ya gotta do:) It was hot, but not that bad, and I completed the 8 miles.

I did something different today during my run. Usually I wear my fuel belt, which I LOVE!!! But the one thing I hate about it is, when the water gets warm, it tastes disgusting; like plastic. So, since I didn’t have a chance to freeze the water bottles that go with the fuel belt, like I usually do, I decided to run with a 20 oz bottle of G2, filled to the rim with ice cubes. I held the bottle during the run, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At about the 4 mile mark, all the ice had melted and I had drunk the whole thing. So since my 4 mile mark, was right near my house, I shot up the hill to the house and refilled the bottle with G2 and ice to the rim again, and went out for the last 4 miles. So, I ran 8 miles total with about a 4-5 minute break between miles 4 and 5. The run felt really good. I could feel my left calf, but nothing hurt, and I only felt it on the hills going up. The humidity didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, and at about the 3 mile mark I noticed a slight breeze so maybe the humidity was breaking??? It was still hot, but not unbareable. I kept the pace to an average of about 11:15/mile, and the HR never went over 139, so I was very pleased.

I definitely started the week off strong. Still can’t believe I have that doubles tennis tournament next weekend, but it will be over soon!!! Just wondering if I should try to play this week, or just wait and play on Saturday. I don’t want to tweak any muscles, and I most definitely want to get through this tournament with NO injuries. I still feel SO stupid for agreeing back in March to play in this thing. What was I thinking????? I’m on a mission to run the marathon, not play tennis. LOL But, I’m not a quitter, and I made a commitment, so I will show up. At least I will have the endurance from all my running:) And the few times I have played, I held my own so all should be ok.

Another thing I did differently today was I weighed myself before and after my run. I’ve never done this before. I’ve always wondered how much I lost (water wise) from running. Looks like I lost exactly 2 lbs even though I drank roughly 40 oz of water/G2.

Time: 1:30:00
Duration: 8 Miles
Avg pace: 11:15
Calories: 748
HR stayed between 125 and 139

M1 - 11:13 M5 - 12:41
M2 - 11:19 M6 - 11:00
M3 - 11:16 M7 - 10:39
M4 - 11:32 M8 - 11:12


Sorry this is so late, with company this weekend, dealing with the kids, and having computer problems (I keep losing my internet:( Not sure if it is the heat, but we are losing the internet and our phones constantly for the past 4-5 days. ARGHHHHH!!!! Thank God for cell phones. LOL

Well, Saturday was my 7th race this year. It was HOT. And I was still feeling some ill effects of my left calf from the previous weekends 10K race, but nothing too bad. Did the same pre race rituals I usually do, met my brother at 6am, and we were in NYC by 6:20a.m. Driving up Madison Avenue, I saw a bunch of people waiting in a line, and I realized it was for the Apple store on 5th Avenue. People were already lined up around the block for the iphone, and it was only 6:20am, and the store wasn't due to open till 9am. No wonder hubby and I don't have our phones yet. We're not willing to wait on line, and as they say, patience is a virtue. LOL
Anyway, we got up to the race with plenty of time. We could already feel the humidity at this hour:( and we still had 2 hours till race time. We met up with our group, and got over to the corrale with about 15 minutes to spare. Again, we lined up a little toward the front, but my brother tweaked his back the day before, and with this humidity, we decided we'd just run it. Yeah right, that lasted about 10 seconds. LOL I was feeling good while running, but the heat was starting to take it's toll. At each water stop I stopped and drank and poured water over my head. I didn't lolly gag around like I did last race, and got right back in there pretty quickly. I thought while I was doing this, it's probably not the smartest thing to do (but I've been told I'm not always the smartest one in the bunch), but this was the 4Mile course I PR'd in on Mother's Day with an 8:22 pace. Just wish the weather wasn't so hot. But I hit the 3 mile marker right at 25:00, so I was on pace for an 8:20 per mile. The only thing was, I was now HOT, and I walked from the hose to the water station to the 3 mile marker, not sure how long it took, but it was about 200 yards. But I needed this walk. At this point my left calf was throbbing/cramping. But when I hit the 3 mile mark and saw that I did it in 25:00, an 8:20 pace so far, I said, damn I can do this. So I took off again. I felt strong and I tried to keep the pace up, but I was fading. I then saw the last turn to the finish and I took off. I finished as strong as I could and I finished in 33:38, an 8:24 pace. So no PR this time, but I am so happy. It was HOT, I had my menstral friend (first time during a race btw), and my left calf hurt.

Run for Central Park 4 Miler
Distance: 4.0 Miles
Date/Time: July 19, 2008, 8:30 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 79 deg., 65% humidity, hazy.
The official stats from the website:http://web2.nyrrc.org/cgi-bin/htmlos.exe/23138.1.532047486800001318
Bib # 3140
Gender/age: F43
Distance (miles): 4.0
Finish Time: 33:38
Pace Time: 8:24
Overall Place: 1678 (out of 4.609 people)
Gender Place: 424 (out of 2,281)
Age Place: 43rd (out of 239 women ages 40-44)
AG Time: 31:44
AG Gender place: 373
Age-Graded%: 60.5%

My mile splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 8:35 156bpm Cardiac Drift: 172
Mile 2: 7:55 166bpm Cardiac Drift: 173
Mile 3: 9:03 167bpm Cardiac Drift: 176 because I walked the last 200 yrds:(
Mile 4: 8:04 168bpm Cardiac Drift: 181

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my results. It is silly for me to think that I could have run this race without walking. It was so hot out there!! Now I am getting ready to watch/run with my hubby in his first 5K race ever, one week from today. I know you are going to do awesome. I can not wait to be there with you at the finish line:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


About a month ago I had my yearly checkup, and when I mentioned to the doctor my plans to run the marathon next year, she said, oh, we have to do a stress echo test on you. So, today was the day. Before I write about it, I still don't know my max. LOL But I am not as concerned about it anymore:) All the doctor could do was get my HR up to 175, and since I saw it at 191 this past Sunday sprinting into the finish at the 10K, I know it's higher than 175, but the test was AWESOME!!!!

I got there about 15 minutes early, they took me right away, and they hooked me up to the EKG thingys and blood pressure. The nurse was shocked when she took my blood pressure, it was 90 over 62. I told her that's normal for me, she wanted to do it again though, so she left the room, got another BP thingy, and strapped me into it, and this time it was 89 over 60. I told her, she shouldn't have had me sit while she searched for the blood pressure thing. At this point, she just laughed. I've never had a patient with such low blood pressure. I told her mine has always been low, and that my resting HR when I wake in the morning is about 50. She made her notes to her file and told me the doctor would be in momentarily.

Sure enough, he came right in. Nice looking guy in his 60's. Very fit. I started to get excited. Figuring he might be a runner, and that I could really ask him to push me on this test. We talked for awhile about his running background, he ran the NYC marathon 5 times, but hasn't run it in over 10 years, but still jogs 6 miles every day. I knew I was in good hands. I told him my background, and he commented on my low heartrate, and then said, you ready, I said yes, and I jumped on the TM.
The test was interesting. He said, I hope you're not expecting to run. I want you to walk. I looked at him with a puzzled look, and he laughed, and said, don't worry, you will run in the last stage, but we will start you at 1.7 speed, with a 10% elevation.
The 5 stages were as follows:
Stage 1 - 1.7 speed, with 10% elevation for 3 minutes
Stage 2 - 2.3 speed with 10% elevation for 3 minutes
Stage 3 - 3.0 speed with 12% elevation for 3 minutes
Stage 4 - 4.7 speed with 14% elevation for 3 minutes
Stage 5 - 5.2 speed with 14% elevation for 3 minutes

I said, ok. Sure enough, he plugged in those numbers and I started walking. I didn't like the 10% elevation, but I wasn't going to complain. He had me do each stage for 3 minutes. I walked the first 3 stages and felt great. I could feel it in my calves, but I wasn't huffing or anything, and my HR didn't go above 125. The nurses were looking from me to the doctor wondering aloud if the machine was working. LOL apparently most people that take this test are either overweight or old, and they say they don't usually make it to the 4 stage, and the numbers are usually beeping and bouncing all over the place. Not mine, they were steady at 125. Then I finally said, come on doc, crank it up. So he said you sure you feel ok? I said, we've been talking this whole time, you can clearly see my HR, and I'm not even sweating, come on. He said ok, I don't usually have patients that go into or complete the 4 stage, but he plugged in the numbers and I was running at 4.7 with the 14% elevation. Finally my HR started to rise, but slowly. But again, the 3 minutes were up and I was only at 155. The doctor wanted to stop the test. I said, you have to be kidding, I'm not even winded, and he looked at me, and cracked up and said, true, but we've never gone to a higher level. And I said, could this be the first time, I really want to push it, cause I know I can do more. He said ok, and plugged in the numbers for Stage 5: 5.2 speed with 14% elevation. Well, now I was starting to feel it, but not bad. The HR steadily went up, but then it stopped at 175, and just stayed there, and I was running. I was started to breathe a little heavier, and he said, can you last another minute, and I said sure. Couldn't we go higher. But he wouldn't let me:( I was disappointed, because though my legs felt dead from the elevation, I definitely could have gone longer. I have to thank him though, if he was a regular Cardiologist, and not a runner cardiologist, I don't think he would have allowed me to push as much as I did. But let me tell you, when I was running that last minute he was watching me, shaking his head in disbelief. He agreed I could have continued, but said, he couldn't do it, cause he'd never had a patient go this far. LOL I said, Next time, we need to keep the level down a bit, and let me run faster, and I'll go even higher. He laughed and said probably, and you know what, I'll probably let you.

As soon as this part of the test was over, he pushed me onto the table, and had me lie on my left side, so the nurse could do an ultrasound of my heart. This was very cool. I told him, are you nuts, don't you know that after you run you're supposed to walk around. He laughed and said, you are right, but I'm trying to shock your heart. I said gee thanks, as I was sucking air now. And the test was over. LOL Through the ultrasound he took several still shots, and told me my heart was in phenomenal shape. He explained that over time, many times his patients have shown that with the test, as it goes on, their heart shows damage. He said with me, my heart seemed to get stronger and stronger as the test went on. I said to him, see, I could have gone further. He concurred, and said if we ever do the test again on you, he will make sure we go longer. Apparently my heart is in great condition, and he told me that I'll have no problem finishing the marathon. He even went so far as to say I will probably run the whole thing. I said, don't get ahead of yourself. I haven't run the distance yet, but I'll be sure to come see him and give him the update.

Interesting, that when everything was over, he stressed how important it is to train. He said, too many times people don't train and get the mileage behind them before they run the marathon. He kept stressing every Sunday add 2 miles to your long run, and don't go over 16 or 18 for the long run. Said you don't need it. I told him I was planning to follow the Hanson's Marathon training, and they teach running 16 as their longest run. He said perfect. Well, I don't know how things will turn out for me, as I am still 15 + months away from running the marathon, but I think I have a pretty good foundation, and knowing that my heart is in great condition is just icing on the cake:) Guess I'm not going to worry about my Max. Obviously whatever I am currently doing is working.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, I really enjoyed sleeping in today, and my children were angels, they slept in too:) I do LOVE running, and I really am enjoying the races, but what has me bumbed, or not so excited as in the beginning is that I HATE RUNNING RACES WHEN IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the last two races were HOT. I vow never to run a race in June or July again. LOL I know, never say never, but YUCK!!!

I also, hate running races back to back. I know, I chose to run them. Or at least I agreed with my brother to run them. You see, we are doing all these races, so that next year we will have guaranteed entry into the 2009 NYC Marathon. And I'm still extremely excited for that (But I do find at times, when I'm driving my car ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I see the mileage ticker tick 26 miles, I say, holy S%&T, that's a LONG distance. LOL.

But, my brother is a high school teacher, so his time is limited. (In May we did 2 back to back races, the first was a 4M which we ran the same course for 3 races, so I didn't mind that too much, because each of those 4M races I got faster and faster. But in May, after that last 4M, we ran the Healthy Kidney 10K the next weekend, only giving us 5 days rest in between. Guess I'm showing my age, cause that took it's toll, I guess it didn't help that it was HOT. Again, I had a PR, so I didn't complain too much. Then we had about a month (which was LOVELY) off till the next race the Father's Day 5M. Then another month off till these two races in July, which are back to back. This time the 10K was first, then the 4M coming up this Saturday, again, only a 5 day break, in this heat. YUCK. But the upside is, no more races until Sept 14th, and then the final race for the year on Oct 12th, both of these races will be half marathons. I will run the first half as a training run to prepare for the half marathon on October 12th. Then I will have qualified for next year:) Now, that makes all of this WORTH IT!!!


NAPLES - New York Park to Park 10K
Distance: 6.2 Miles
Date/Time: July 13, 2008, 8:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 71 deg., 81% humidity, wind 6 mph.

Bib # 3148
Gender/age: F43
Distance (miles): 6.2
Finish Time: 54:38
Pace Time: 8:48
Overall Place: 1,568 (out of 3,989 people)
Gender Place: 380 (out of 1,172)
Age Place: 21ST (out of 163 women ages 40-44)
AG Time: 51:33
AG Gender place: 379
Age-Graded%: 58.8%
Woke up at 4:30am. This is not getting any easier:) I SOOO wanted to hit snooze and go back to sleep, but I knew I had to meet my brother (I made a commitment), so I got up and did the usual pre race stuff. We got into Manhattan at 6:30, worked our way uptown. This race started and finished at 102nd street. Found a great spot to park, again FREE, on 92nd street. Walked up 10 blocks (last race, we had no time to warm up, so we made sure we got in early, and that we would have a nice walk before the race to get out the kinks:), about a half mile, and got our bibs and t-shirts and eventually hooked up with John B, Ronnie and Tommy. It was warm, but not too bad. We got over to the start about 15 minutes early, found our corral, and lined up about midway.

This race was cool. It was the Italian celebration and there was lots of Italian music blaring. Before we knew it, the gun went off and we were on our way. Took about 2 minutes to cross the start. I was stupid/competitive as always. I wanted to stay with John B, the one who runs an 8 minute pace, bad idea. Though, he did say he'd go out slow, but at the mile and a half mark, I told him to go on, as I was sucking air (even had visions of this race being a big fat DNF because it was so hot. LOL) But once John B was out of site, I relaxed and ran my race. Though at the 2.6 mile mark, I heard a crash, and someone next to me said you dropped something, sure enough, I turn around to look and I see a tiny silver thing on the ground. I dropped my nano. LOL I got out of the way, worked my way back, thankfully not knocking anyone over, and thankfully no one stepped on it, and picked it up. Not a scratch, UNBELIEVABLE!!! Now, I know you all are saying, what the hell did you have it in the first place. Well, usually I wear it on my wrist in a wrist band with the head phones, but today, I decided to run the race with no music (first time btw), and I clipped it to my fuel belt. Now you're wondering why carry it at all. LOL Well, I have the Nike+ system, and belong to a few online challenges through Nike+ and Runners+, so I had to have the nano to record my distance. Ok, Ok, I'm a bit competitive. LOL Well, some how it came loose, and if I had the headphones attached, I don't think it would have fallen, but I wanted to run this race with NO MUSIC. Anyway, no one was hurt THANKFULLY, and I lost a few minutes in time:( But I got right back in the race.

It was sooooo hot, they had hoses going at every water station, 5 I believe, and yup, I stood under all of them for about 15 seconds, then got my water, and drank some, and splashed a whole cup full over my head, at each water station. So, I'm guessing I lost about a minute and a half there too, but I really wonder if I would have finished had I not taken the walk breaks for the water, and not doused myself with water. So, all in all I'm pleased, it was a new PR, I didn't break 53:00 minutes, which was my goal, but I did run it 51 seconds faster than my previous 10K back on May 17th. So, I'm VERY excited.

Another thing that I learned about my Garmin and racing is it tracks everything. So even though this race was 6.2, at the finish line when I hit stop, my Garmin told me I ran 6.4 It takes in to account all the zig zagging I did to pass people in the beginning. I realize the course could be a little off, and the Garmin isn't exact, but all in all it is accurate, but when we finished I thought I ran the race in an 8:33 pace, which I was really excited about, but then I realized because the NYRR results page on the computer told me differently, that my Garmin time was SPOT on, that the distance was off by .2, meaning that when I was following the pace on the Garmin, it was actually off. Again, I did PR, so I'm happy, but I was running an average pace of 8:33 according to the Garmin (or so I thought), and I should have realized it was off, and tried to go faster.

All you people out there with Garmins, how do you account for the discrepancy while you run your races. I know for my 4M race this coming Saturday, I'm going to try to stay more ahead. I do use the virtual partner, and set it for 6.2 miles, and to complete in 53:00 minutes, and it told me I lost by 8 seconds. Now that is accurate. but because of the zig zagging, I was not finished yet, LOL I think what I might do, is set the virtual partner to run 4.2, in 33:00 minutes, and see how that goes. Thoughts, suggestions???? TIA
Time: 55:38
Avg Pace: 8:48
Avg HR: 165 Cardiac Drift: 191 (my new MAX, no way was this a spike and the HR numbers were very right on during this race:)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, I finally got hubby outside today for a run. It was great and I am sooooooo proud of him. He did great!!! At one point going down the hill he was going at a pace of 8:30-9:00, a little too fast, but while he was doing it he said he felt fine. Coming toward the last hill, he could feel it, but he stuck it out, and the heat didn't help. Well done hubby:)

Guess you could say I've kind of tapered this week, as I've only run two runs so far, 5.57 & 3 miles. My 10K race is in two days, but if the weather is like today, it will be great. I might go out tomorrow and run another easy 3, but I might also just take off until rest day:)

Forgot to mention that I played tennis on Monday and Wednesday. Each day played 2 sets for about 2 hours each. With the humidity, it was tiring (guess that explains the lack of runs/mileage this week), but fun to be out there again. I can't wait till my tournament was over. I never should have agreed to play. Though I love it, it uses different muscles (thankfully nothing is sore), but I am noticing that my feet are more tender:( Damn, I have to protect my feet, I have a race on Sunday, and a few more races this year, and then the big one next year. I should have held off on the tennis till after the marathon. Live and learn. But the tournament is the weekend of July 26th and 27th, so the end is near:)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, my 5 year old balked at camp yesterday, so no run. But, the good news is, she went today (and had fun btw:) and I got outside for a great 5.5 mile run, but man it was HOT!! I still can't believe I haven't run outside since June 20th, but I have gotten in 7 runs since then, all on the TM, totalling 40.5 miles, so I'm not complaining.

But it was hot out there today, 85 degrees, and 93% humidity. My Garmin's HR freaked out as soon as I hit start. LOL Not sure if it was because of the humidity, or my neighbors had the microwave going or what, but for about 2 minutes at the start of the run, it bounced from 111 to 211 HR. Now, I still think I'm in good shape, and my HR numbers have been great, so there is no way running down my hill, at a 12 minute pace to start my run, my HR got up that high, so I'm chalking it up to 'interference'. LOL But it also could have been my Garmin talking to me, saying "where the hell have you been?, you haven't used me in 19 days, I'm going to screw with your numbers" LOL But once it settled down, the numbers were right where they've been while running on the TM, though the cardiac drift was a bit higher, which I'm sure was due to the humidity, or the fact that I am still dealing with a bit of a chest cold:( But it felt great to be outside again, and I'm sure the race on Sunday is going to be HOT.

Distance: 5.57 miles
Duration: 1:00:50
Avg pace: 10:55
Calories: 490
Avg HR: 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 211 (not accurate, this was an interference spike)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:50 139bpm Cardiac Drift: 211
Mile 2: 11:17 139bpm Cardiac Drift: 153
Mile 3: 11:25 135bpm Cardiac Drift: 145
Mile 4: 10:26 142bpm Cardiac Drift: 151
Mile 5: 10:21 145bpm Cardiac Drift: 153
.57: 10:34 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 152

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thanks everyone for the congrats on 6 months of running. Even when I ran back in 2005, I didn't run for this long or this mileage, so I am pretty psyched!!

Well, I didn't make it outside for my run today, but I did make it to the gym and ran 8 miles on the TM. I was pumped. I've never run that long on a TM and it felt great. I fired up my ipod video, and actually watched 1 and a 1/2 shows, and before I knew it, I'd run for 1:24:30. But man, it was hot. I even think it might have been cooler outside. LOL I think since it was the weekend, and the owners aren't there, they don't turn on the A/C, not sure, but man. I drank every mile, and I downed 20 oz of water. I put the TM on 5.6 and ran at that speed until the last mile, when I bumped it to 5.8 HR didn't go above 145 until I bumped up the speed, but then it only went up to 149. I was getting concerned the gym would close and wanted to finish. LOL I finished with 5 minutes to spare, walked for 5 more minutes, and left the gym just before the girl behind the desk locked up.

I know, I know, I have to get back outside. Though, with the humidity in the gym, maybe I will do ok in the race next Sunday, after all. LOL But now that the kids are going to school/camp starting tomorrow, I will have about 2 hours every day again to run. YEAH!!!

Distance: 8 miles
Duration: 1:24:30
Avg pace: 10:34
Calories: 700
Avg HR: 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 149 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:34 124bpm Cardiac Drift: 134
Mile 2: 10:34 133bpm Cardiac Drift: 138
Mile 3: 10:34 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 143
Mile 4: 10:34 139bpm Cardiac Drift: 144
Mile 5: 10:34 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 145
Mile 6: 10:34 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 144
Mile 7: 10:34 142bpm Cardiac Drift: 147
Mile 8: 10:34 145bpm Cardiac Drift: 149

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I just realized I've been running for 6 months (I started on January 2nd.)!!!! Seems like yesterday I made the decision to start running again, and feeling totally overwhelmed. Having to start all over again using the C25K run/walk program, and now, 6 months later, I have run a total of 346.62 miles, and my training runs that used to be 13-14 minute miles, are now 10minute miles with MUCH better heartrate numbers.

Also, forgot to mention that on June 27th, I got myself a new pair of kicks, still using the Asics, but went with the GT2130's (priors were 2120's). I like them, they feel good. From what I've been able to understand about my feet, they are neutral to normal. So, this shoe works for me:) I tried both the size 7.5 and the 8's. Though the 7.5's appeared to fit, I didn't like how my big toe was almost touching the tip of the shoe, so I went with the 8's again. I have never lost a toe nail, and I wonder if it's because I go with the .5 size larger, as not to bump up against the tip, while I run. Hmm....
We were in Sports Authority yesterday, and I was able to try on the sneakers hubby got, the Gel - Nimbus 10's and boy did they feel awesome!! So, I think when my current shoes retire, I will replace them with the Nimbus 10's and give them a try. I'm looking for a little more cushion in my heels. But, as they say, don't fix what aint broke, but again, from my research, I think my feet do fall into the Nimbus 10 category. Guess, only time will tell, and until then, I will enjoy my new 2130's. I've put 17 miles on the new ones so far, all on the TM, and they feel great. Hoping if it doesn't rain tomorrow, and isn't too hot, I will get my 8 mile run in outside. I haven't run outside in awhile, and with my race a week from tomorrow, I'd better get this butt outside, and start dealing with the heat/humidity.

No run for me today, as today is my father-in-laws birthday, and we are celebrating with family. Hope you all had a great 4th.

FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2008

Hubby was home today, so I decided to hit the TM again. Woo hoo, two 6 mile runs so far this week:) Almost back on schedule. Can't wait for Monday, when I'll have 2+ hours, 5 days a week to really get my butt in gear. NYRR.org notified us of a conflict about my next race, so my 10K is a week from tomorrow, instead of a week from today. Apparently, Bon Jovi is giving a concert in the Park, and NYRR's had to reschedule. Thankfully they're doing it the next day, and I can still go:)
Great run on the TM. Did the exact same run as yesterday, and the HR numbers were a tad better:) I love the fact that my HR was the exact same for miles 4, 5, and 6. I'm liking the consistency:)
Distance: 6 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Avg pace: 10:00
Calories: 578
Avg HR: 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 146 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:00 130bpm Cardiac Drift: 135
Mile 2: 10:00 135bpm Cardiac Drift: 138
Mile 3: 10:00 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 142
Mile 4: 10:00 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 146
Mile 5: 10:00 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 146
Mile 6: 10:00 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 146

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well, after 3 days off, and a fantastic day yesterday at Rye Playland with the family, I finally got back to the gym for a great 6 mile TM run. Decided to run the whole run at speed 6.0, 0% elevation, and I ran for an hour and it felt great!!
Distance: 6 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Avg pace: 10:00
Calories: 551
Avg HR: 136bpm Cardiac Drift: 148 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:00 127bpm Cardiac Drift: 136
Mile 2: 10:00 135bpm Cardiac Drift: 139
Mile 3: 10:00 136bpm Cardiac Drift: 142
Mile 4: 10:00 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 145
Mile 5: 10:00 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 148
Mile 6: 10:00 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 145

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I've been keeping track of my cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides since March of 2004. All my numbers from this years blood test went down:)!!! Here are my results:

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Cholesterol 162 162 172 176 147
HDL (the good) 74 61 66 85 68
LDL (the Bad) 75 85 94 89 69
Triglycerides 64 54 58 57 52

I can't get the above table to chart correctly, but hopefully you get the gist:(

Well, just a little background on me. Pre-children I was always in great shape. Mostly my exercise at that point was playing a lot of tennis. I never had to worry about my weight. But for whatever reason while pregnant, I gained 65-70 lbs with BOTH children. Guess I took the saying "you're eating for two" literally. LOL I ate healthy, but my body just put on the pounds. Apparently my body didn't like Carbs. I confess, I loved pizza and ice cream.

First child popped out at 7 lbs, 4 oz, second one was only 6 lbs, 12oz, so it's not like I had big kids. I had all the tests done during pregnancy, and did not have gestational diabetes, so that wasn't it. But the upside was, a lot was water, and I left a lot at the hospital. But, losing the weight after my first wasn't as easy, as I was unable to breastfeed her:( but I did lose it, only to regain it all again with my second child:( LOL But, I was able to breastfeed my second, and the weight was gone within 4 months, so that was good. I just didn't do any kind of exercising the past year and I liked my glass of wine with dinner, so the weight crept up a bit this past year.

But I'm 5'4", and was at about 130 at Christmas time. Since running, I have dropped down to 117, and I feel great. I am well aware that my body doesn't like carbs, or I should say the BAD carbs, but I know, now that I am a runner, I NEED carbs. So I have been really good about only eating complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. No more sugar, white flour or fast food:) Thankfully, my body now is doing fine with the complex carbs, and I no longer am gaining. Truth be told, I eat more now than I ever have, and it's good fuel, for my running:)

SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2008

Had a great 5 mile run on the TM at the gym. Since I've only run one 5 miler this week (been fighting a chest cold:( Not sure if I got it from my youngest or from the doctors office. ARRGG.... I went to the gym with no expectations. Told hubby I'd do 3 or 4 really easy, to see how I feel. Was concerned how the legs would feel with the time off from running, but also concerned how the lungs would be, as I was still coughing up a lung every now and then. But overall, I felt great and wanted to get this run in before we headed out to my nephews graduation. I still can't believe he's a graduate. He's heading to Juniata to play soccer and study pre med. Not only is he a fantastic soccer player, SMART kid, he's cute too, and is just beginning the next phase of his life. Congrats and good luck, I know you'll do awesome!!!

So, I got to the gym, fired up my ipod video, and off I went. Set the speed at 5.4 to warm up, and then upped it to 5.6, 5.8 and ended with 6.0 overall. Run felt fantastic, and I only coughed once or twice. So I was happy.

Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 52.26
Avg pace: 10:29
Calories: 451
Avg HR: 132bpm Cardiac Drift: 149 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 11:09 120bpm Cardiac Drift: 131
Mile 2: 10:25 129bpm Cardiac Drift: 133
Mile 3: 10:35 132bpm Cardiac Drift: 135
Mile 4: 10:17 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 145
Mile 5: 9:58 142bpm Cardiac Drift: 149