Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another crazy day, but the good news was my legs were ready to run. But, had to go on a class field trip with my second grader, so the run got shelved:( Bummer, but had a blast on the field trip. Actually met some really nice moms, and it was a joy to watch the kids. Oh, to be 8 years old again!!

Field trip brought us to the local fire department, bank, train station, post office, pizza pub for lunch, library and a few local shops. It was the community field trip for Social Studies. All of the above was in about a 1/2 mile radius, thankfully. Though I didn't do much walking, my legs were a tiny bit sore at the end, as the trip lasted close to 4 hours!!!! Lot's of standing:(

The only plans for tomorrow is to get my oldest her halloween costume. She wants to be bat girl. BR411 picked up the little ones costume last night. She is going to be Aurora, the character from Disneys Sleeping Beauty. Hopefully when the time comes, I'll have some good pics to share:)

And, last night my beloved NYRangers lost their first game of the season. To Buffalo, no less:( Oh well, knew it couldn't last, but hopefully this team has what it takes to get passed the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals. It's only one loss, and till last night they've been doing great!

So, if all goes well I'll get a good run in tomorrow, after laying low for several days after the half on Sunday:)

Monday, October 13, 2008


OK, where to start? LOL As you all know I’m not the greatest blogger, I leave that up to BR411. I keep mine short and to the point about my running. LOL But this one may be a little long… Well, Saturday around 1pm, I bid farewell to hubby and my two girls Allie and Becca. It was hard to say goodbye. I know, only 1 day away, but I had never been away overnight, since the girls were born. I know, time to cut the cord, but…. They were all great. After hugs, kisses and a few tears I was off. I still couldn’t believe it. I was leaving to drive to Staten Island, to run the Staten Island Half Marathon. This was it!! I forgot my town was having their yearly Columbus Day parade, so it took almost 20minutes to go 2 miles to the gas station to fill up. I like this gas station, as they are the cheapest around at $3.46 (ouch!!) Well, Finally at 1:25pm I was on my way.

The plan was to stay at my brother’s house on Staten Island, so I wouldn’t drive or wake so early the day of the race. Thankfully since it was the holiday weekend, there was NO traffic. I fired up the iphone/ipod and listened to Confessions of a Runner episode’s #37 and #38. (I saved fdip #156, and Extra Miles # for race time) Before I knew it I was crossing the Verrazano Narrows Bridge (the Bridge I am going to be running across in 383 days, for the 2009 NYC Marathon). I made my way through the tolls, through the streets and found my brothers driveway at about 3:30pm. I unpacked my gear. Though I was hungry, we jumped in his car and drove around the Island. First and foremost he drove me along the Staten Island Half course. Though there was a hill between miles 7-8, the course didn’t seem that bad. And it was great to get a peek at it the day before. It SO helped on race day. We eventually stopped to get food: I got a Veggie wrap as I was starving. Strange, it was a short trip. He lives about 58 miles from me, but my stomach was behaving like I had travelled a long distance. Guess it was nerves. But I had cramps and a belly ache for most of the day/night.

In the evening we went to a nice Italian restaurant and ordered a great whole wheat pasta dinner. Again, ate some, but the stomach felt achy and crampy. But the food was really yummy. Then we came home where I was able to watch my beloved Rangers beat the Flyers 4-3. They are now 4-0, best start of a season since 1983-84. But, I don’t want to jinx anything. I got to sleep soon thereafter, but woke several times during the night. Guess I’m used to the interruptions of little feet waking me in the middle of the night. I really did miss my family! Finally around 3am, I fell asleep for good. My alarm went off at 5:30, but I decided to sleep in and woke at 6:30. Race didn’t start till 9:40, and we weren’t leaving till 7:20, so I figured I could use the sleep. I woke and had my usual oatmeal and banana. I was playing it by ear on how my stomach felt. If it still felt icky, I was just going to eat the banana. It didn’t feel that bad, so I ate the oatmeal and banana. Thankfully, before we left I was able to leave most of what I ate behind! LOL, so I figured I was good to go.

At 7:20, we left the house and walked to the train station. Caught the train at 7:35 from Old Town, and took it to the Ferry, where the Race was to begin. We got there about an hour early, and it was just delightful. The view of Manhattans skyline and downtown was breathtaking. It was a gorgeous day, very few clouds, sunny and blue skies. I thought it would be chilly, but thankfully it wasn’t. According to the website, the temperatures were 70 degrees and 65% humidity. I took some pictures and will upload them at some time. Even had my brother take some photos of me running the race, finally race photos. So, Charlie, finally have some photos to share!!

We lined up around 9:20, and the gun went off around 9:45 or so. I was feeling OK, but my belly was crampy. I was just hoping I wouldn’t s#@t in my shorts. First mile was hard. Legs were tired, felt groggy and sleepy, but I knew if I could just settle down, I’d be OK. My plan was to run each mile as close to a 9min pace as I could. I also planned to stop at each water station and walk/drink for 15 seconds. Slow and steady. I was running with John, who is much faster than me, but since we were running a half, I didn’t think it would hurt me. If he went to fast, I would just let him go on. Water stations were at Miles 2, 4, 7, 9, and 11, I think.

Mile 1: We hit it at 8:56 pace, close enough for my liking and the legs were feeling a little better.

Mile 2: hit it at 8:38 pace, a little faster than I would have liked, but legs were definitely feeling better. Stopped for water and walked/drank for 15 seconds.

Mile 3: hit it at 8:29 pace, and the legs felt great.

Mile 4: came in at 8:45 pace. Stopped for water and walked/drank for 15 seconds.

Mile 5: 9:01 pace (also the point where my brother took the photo of me) Up until now, I felt great. Approaching the 6 mile marker it got hot, and we were running along the water. For some reason this stretch, there and back, was very hot for me. I knew it was a flat stretch and that eventually we would be turning around and running back. My legs were getting tired.

Mile 6: I hit it at 8:49 pace. I eventually made the turn around, and I literally didn’t think I was going to make it to mile 7. When all of a sudden on The Extra Mile podcast, I heard Marathon Chris recite the mantra, “Someday I won’t be able to do this, today is NOT that day!!” OMG, it was just what I needed to hear, before I knew it, I was at Mile 7. Thank you Marathon Chris!!!!!

Mile 7: Hit this one at 8:50 pace, I stopped for water, and walked about 15 seconds, and started running again. Legs were tightening up. This is the point where the course has the hill. Man, it was tough. I really thought I was going to stop, but right when I was at my worst, I heard Charlie’s (a.k.a. CewTwo) shout out on fdip. I was approaching the 8 mile marker, entering Fort Wadsworth. Stopped for water and walked/drank for 15 seconds.

Mile 8: Hit it at 9:53 pace. I made the turn into the Fort listening to Charlie. Charlie, I can not put into words how much YOU helped me. As soon as I heard it, tears welled in my eyes, and I yelled I can do this!!!! I really regret not getting my shoutout in to Fdip. I promise, I will next year!!

Mile 9: Hit it at 8:59 pace. Thankfully the course was flat to downhill for the next 3-4 miles, so I was able to coast. I said to myself, if I keep this pace, I’ll do it. It was so cool running under the Verrazano bridge. Stopped for water and walked/drank for 15 seconds.

Mile 10: Hit it at a 9:00 min pace. At this point I decided to take a jolly rancher. I had never used it before, but I needed something more than water. I opened up the candy and sucked on it for about 2 miles. Not sure if it helped, but it sure didn’t hurt, thankfully!

Mile 11: Hit this one at a 9:11 pace. Approached Mile 11 feeling OK, I knew there was a tiny incline coming up and then downhill, where it turns at the gas station to go a steady incline up to mile 12. I kept repeating "I can do this, I can do this." Stopped for water and walked/drank for 15 seconds.

Mile 12: I hit this one at a 9:26 pace. The steady incline slowed me a bit and tired out my legs, but the cheer from the crowds was deafening and I continued to plug along. Though I was thinking it, I didn’t stop. There was a woman who did, and another women cheered her on and said “You can do this, you’ve come this far, come on, run with me, and we’ll get there”. I thought that was so cool, and it was enough for me to not give up. I stuck with them till mile 13 down the home stretch.

Mile 13: I hit this one at an 8:43 pace. When I hit Mile 13 I just started sprinting. It hurt like a mother efffrrrr (to quote Marcy and BR411), but I had followed/stayed with these woman, and I wasn’t going to lose them now.

.1 :50 seconds

I crossed the finish line, hurting, cramping, completely exhausted, but completely elated, as I realized I finished in 1:57:36 (an average pace of 8:58)!!! I broke the 2 hour barrier and the 9min pace. YEEEEEEE HAWWWWW; Another PR. Knocked off 3:54 off my last half marathon!

I immediately went over to that woman and thanked her. I told her she was such a big help in getting me to the finish line. I dropped my chip in the bucket, tried to find my brother and friends, and just walked around in a giddy, blissful daze. More pictures were taken, and we hopped on the 12:35 train at the ferry, and took it back home. Got back to my brother’s around 1:20pm, took a very cold bath, and then hung out till the NY Jets won, and headed home. I must say, it was an amazing feeling driving over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to go home. In 353 days, I will be running across that sucker in the Marathon. The legs felt good until the car ride. That 1:45:00 minute ride home, legs started tightening and cramping. I was never so happy to be home with my BR411 and my girls. Long tubby and a good nights sleep in MY bed (and major message from BR411, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!). I woke this morning a little stiffness, but was able to get myself to the computer to comment on my buddies' blogs, and to post my results to World Wide Festival of Races, and finally post my results to this blog.

Thank you everyone for all your support and help over the past 9 months or so, as I endured this running journey. I know it is still the beginning for me, as I still have to maintain and train for next year's Marathon. I know it will not be easy task, but nothing worth anything is. I look forward to the next chapter of my running journey.

Now my legs are complaining again. Sitting upright is NOT good for legs that just ran 13.1 miles in a race yesterday. LOL Off to ice and take a cold tubby again.


NYRR Grand Prix: Staten Island Half
Distance: 13.1 Miles
Date/Time: October 12, 2008, 9:45 am
Location: Staten Island, NYC
Weather: 70 deg., 65% hum, fair
Bib # 3128
Gender/age: F43
Distance (miles): 13.1
Finish Time: 1:57:36
Pace Time: 8:58
Overall Place: 1,699 (out of 3,624 people)
Gender Place: 388 (out of 1,424)
Age Place: 29th (out of 120 women ages 40-44)
AG Time: 1:49:48
AG Gender place: 270
Age-Graded%: 59.9%

Saturday, October 11, 2008


First I want to say THANK YOU Charlie for making the above a jpeg so I could upload it to my blog:)!!!
I also want to say GOOD LUCK to Charlie who's running the Chicago Marathon, D10, who's running the Long Beach Marathon and to Marcy who's running the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and anyone else who is running this weekend:) I'm rooting for you guys, I know you'll do well. Can't wait to read the race reports!!!
As for me, I'm preparing to drive to my brother's, who lives in Staten Island. This way I can wake up and be at the race in 15 minutes. Yay!!! Will be strange though being away from BR411 and my two girls. Haven't been away for an over nighter since before my girls were born. Hmmm.... But part of me is looking forward to an uninterrupted nights sleep:) LOL
Good luck to all, and have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


My favorite team is playing tonite: Season home opener against Chicago.

LET'S GO RANGERS, LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hey all, Just wanted to let you know Allen changed the URL of where his marathon training plan is. It's now here. I made the change in the previous post, but wasn't sure if it would be seen, as once a post is read, I don't know if they ever get read again. LOL Thanks again Allen!!!

So, 4 more days till the Staten Island Half.

Monday did a nice easy 3 miles in 32:30

Today, did a nice easy 3 miles in 31:11

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I can't believe I haven't posted since September 21st. Yikes, but I've been totally spent. Not sure if it was running the two hilly races back to back, or getting my 'friend', the day after I ran Cow Harbor, that totally wiped me out, but I've been pooped. So, I'm in my third week of a taper. Hope I don't pay for it come Sunday!!

My legs feel great. I have run 3 runs since my last race:
took the whole week off after the Cow Harbor 10K then
Sun, 10/29 ran a very nice 3 miles in 30 minutes.
Wed, 10/1, ran 6 miles in 60 minutes
and then this past Saturday, 10/4, ran a great 8 miles in 1:20:00

all runs were run at a very pleasant 10 minute pace and my legs felt GREAT. But afterwards, I was tired, like the next day, though the legs felt good, I felt like I could take a nap, and I NEVER feel like that:(

So, is my body telling me that I am entering the close of my racing season?? I certainly have not over trained, as my runs are few and far between. But running two hilly courses back to back, the first being a Half, in horrible HOT humid conditions, the next being a hilly 10K, with gorgeous weather, but still drained from the first race. Not sure, but I will be thankful when my racing for this year is OVER!!

Thanks BR411 for the shout out!! It is official, I have qualified for guaranteed entry into the 2009, NYC Marathon. I set a goal on Christmas day last year, to run these races, and I DID IT. It feels GREAT!!! Now, the discipline/training really begins. What are my goals/plans??

Well, I do have one more short race in November, sometime. My brother, who I'm doing this with, can't make the Staten Island Half, and he is only 1 race away from guaranteed entry, and I told him, he'd better get that one race under his belt, and that I would go in and run it with him. So, though my race schedule is technically over come Sunday, I will do one more with him, probably a 4 miler, we'll see.

So, my plan is to go into base building mode once the Half is over on Sunday, and build my mileage back up. This year I didn't do any speed work. I used my 9/10 races for that. So all my runs were run at a very comfortable pace of 10-11 minute miles, with a heart rate of 70% or lower. My plan worked!! I stayed pretty much injury free, felt a few twinges here and there in my left calf, but nothing that didn't work itself out during a run, or went away the next day thankfully:) I plan to start my training on Monday, November 3rd, the day after this year NYC Marathon. I will be using Allen's plan over at runninginjuryfree. Allen was a HUGE help when I started in January, as was Bruce, and I know it's a plan, but we all have to start somewhere!!

I accomplished bringing my race time down from 9:48 pace in my first run, down to a PR of 8:22. Every race I ran I PR'd. I am a very competitive person within myself. I set a goal of trying to beat my previous times, and I did that:)!! I hope to breakdown all my race times, and races in a post soon, to have it all there. So, overall I am extremely happy with my performance this year. Not too shabby for a 43 year old, stay at home mom:)

Oh, and on top of running, I accomplished another goal I had. Since January 2nd, the day I started running, I have lost 16 lbs. When I started running I weighed 130 and I am now 114. I didn't do anything special, except grab my running shoes and get out there and run. I did cut out all BAD carbs, and focused on the GOOD carbs, which I know I need to fuel my running. Hmmm.... wonder if I will gain any back once Marathon training starts? or if I will continue to lose. Not that I have any to lose, I'm now 114 on a 5'4" frame. Yikes, time will tell:)

But the best part of my running has been that my hubby, you all know him as Beachrunner411, has gotten himself off the couch and is now a runner!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to run the Long Island Half Marathon with you next May!!!!!!!!!! I know you say you'll do the 10K, but I'm telling you now, the Half Marathon is in your blood:)