Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I can't believe I haven't posted since September 21st. Yikes, but I've been totally spent. Not sure if it was running the two hilly races back to back, or getting my 'friend', the day after I ran Cow Harbor, that totally wiped me out, but I've been pooped. So, I'm in my third week of a taper. Hope I don't pay for it come Sunday!!

My legs feel great. I have run 3 runs since my last race:
took the whole week off after the Cow Harbor 10K then
Sun, 10/29 ran a very nice 3 miles in 30 minutes.
Wed, 10/1, ran 6 miles in 60 minutes
and then this past Saturday, 10/4, ran a great 8 miles in 1:20:00

all runs were run at a very pleasant 10 minute pace and my legs felt GREAT. But afterwards, I was tired, like the next day, though the legs felt good, I felt like I could take a nap, and I NEVER feel like that:(

So, is my body telling me that I am entering the close of my racing season?? I certainly have not over trained, as my runs are few and far between. But running two hilly courses back to back, the first being a Half, in horrible HOT humid conditions, the next being a hilly 10K, with gorgeous weather, but still drained from the first race. Not sure, but I will be thankful when my racing for this year is OVER!!

Thanks BR411 for the shout out!! It is official, I have qualified for guaranteed entry into the 2009, NYC Marathon. I set a goal on Christmas day last year, to run these races, and I DID IT. It feels GREAT!!! Now, the discipline/training really begins. What are my goals/plans??

Well, I do have one more short race in November, sometime. My brother, who I'm doing this with, can't make the Staten Island Half, and he is only 1 race away from guaranteed entry, and I told him, he'd better get that one race under his belt, and that I would go in and run it with him. So, though my race schedule is technically over come Sunday, I will do one more with him, probably a 4 miler, we'll see.

So, my plan is to go into base building mode once the Half is over on Sunday, and build my mileage back up. This year I didn't do any speed work. I used my 9/10 races for that. So all my runs were run at a very comfortable pace of 10-11 minute miles, with a heart rate of 70% or lower. My plan worked!! I stayed pretty much injury free, felt a few twinges here and there in my left calf, but nothing that didn't work itself out during a run, or went away the next day thankfully:) I plan to start my training on Monday, November 3rd, the day after this year NYC Marathon. I will be using Allen's plan over at runninginjuryfree. Allen was a HUGE help when I started in January, as was Bruce, and I know it's a plan, but we all have to start somewhere!!

I accomplished bringing my race time down from 9:48 pace in my first run, down to a PR of 8:22. Every race I ran I PR'd. I am a very competitive person within myself. I set a goal of trying to beat my previous times, and I did that:)!! I hope to breakdown all my race times, and races in a post soon, to have it all there. So, overall I am extremely happy with my performance this year. Not too shabby for a 43 year old, stay at home mom:)

Oh, and on top of running, I accomplished another goal I had. Since January 2nd, the day I started running, I have lost 16 lbs. When I started running I weighed 130 and I am now 114. I didn't do anything special, except grab my running shoes and get out there and run. I did cut out all BAD carbs, and focused on the GOOD carbs, which I know I need to fuel my running. Hmmm.... wonder if I will gain any back once Marathon training starts? or if I will continue to lose. Not that I have any to lose, I'm now 114 on a 5'4" frame. Yikes, time will tell:)

But the best part of my running has been that my hubby, you all know him as Beachrunner411, has gotten himself off the couch and is now a runner!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to run the Long Island Half Marathon with you next May!!!!!!!!!! I know you say you'll do the 10K, but I'm telling you now, the Half Marathon is in your blood:)


Anonymous said...

You have had a wonderful and busy race season. You are going to have another great race this weekend.

You plan for NY 2009 continues to look good. And, I agree BR should do the half.

BeachRunner said...

Hmmmm. L.I. Half? We will see.

tfh said...

So many great accomplishments!

First, congratulations on qualifying for the 2009 NYC Marathon! Way to set some great PRs! And finally, a 16 pound weight loss is pretty amazing on someone who didn't have much to lose. Looks like you are someone who meets her goals and then some!

CewTwo said...

As a friend and a fellow runner, Congratulations! You qualified!

What an achievement!

Are you ready for this weekend? Nervous? I sure am!

Allen said...

Congrats on qualifying!!

You mentioned in Bruce's blog you were trying to figure out the best way to extend your marathon training from 35 weeks to 52 or whatever weeks. Assuming you don't want to put in some speed or hill work, if it were me I would repeat weeks for the last 17 or what ever weeks, varying the long run from 15 miles to 20+ miles so you don't do the same thing every week. Every three or four weeks of training, take a rest week like Bruce does followed by a recovery week back to the mileage you did before the rest week.

Cyndi said...

Congrats on a successful season and qualifying for NYC! Did you really just start running in January? Wow. I am further inspired by your comment 'not bad for a 43 year old mom' - I hope I can say the same over the next year or two!

I can always count on "Mr. BR' for the occassional, subtle reminders to 'take it slow', building the base and all that good I see where he gets it from! Your great results due to your consistent and steady runs/pacing/effort that kept you injury free is a great reinforcement for me to do the same - even when I'm antsy to go longer, faster and stronger.

Well done!

Marci said...

Congratulations on your entry and your all of your recent PR's. My Hubs and I run together, and it is nice to share a passion together.

Erin Leigh said...

How exciting!! It is so close!