Friday, September 5, 2008


Fantastic run on the TM today at the gym. Gym was actually quiet and empty, so that was a super nice bonus. Finished 9 miles in 1:27:14, and the HR never exceeded 140, even with drift. Gotta love base building training!!!

Run was great considering I haven't run since Sunday:( You'd think now that the kids are in school all day, I'd get a break, but unfortunately, as always the first few days of school, I have lots of catching up to do with errands, etc, so no dice on the running. but I know I'll get my runs in next week. Though my race is a week from Sunday and I should be in some sort of a taper, guess you could say, I've already been in a taper. LOL

But what I have chosen to do is make my runs long and slow, since they are so few and far between. So, tomorrow will most likely be an off day, and I will aim to run 12 on Sunday!!!

Oh yeah, today's run took me past 500 miles run since January 2nd when I started, as today is September 5th, I'm still running and it's 8 months later. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BeachRunner said...

Awesome HR number. Great job today and congrats on passing 500 miles.

D10 said...

Great job on the run. Hopefully, next week you'll be able to get into a routine. One more week till the race, you are going to do great.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Nine miles on the treadmill? Wow. I can barely stand the treadmill for 3or 4 miles. Good job!

robison52 said...

Your solid base training and those over-distance longer mileage will pay BIG dividends during your upcoming Nike 10k Race!! I can't wait to read about your pressure right?

Erin Leigh said...

Very cool about 500 miles!!!