Sunday, August 31, 2008


2 weeks to go!!!

Ran my 10 mile long run yesterday at the gym on the treadmill. Was actually great!! Watched my tv shows on the ipod and set the TM to 0% incline and 6.0 speed. And hour and forty minutes later, 10 miles done:) LOL

Plan for today is to run the nike+ Human Race 10K, so at some point I will log that mileage and post back the results, but plan is to run it in about a 10min pace, nice and slow and easy:)

Nike+ Human Race 10K
Well, I guess I should explain this nike+ Human race 10K race. It is kind of a vertual race, though, there are some locations where you could run it live. Like my sister in law and nephew did tonight at Randals Island, in Manhattan New York. But me, as I couldn't get there, I chose to run it at the gym, on the treadmill, conected to my nano (via the nike +) took it slow and easy, and had a great run, 10K came in at exactly 55:00 minutes. More miles logged for my Nike+ challenges. Gotta love it:)


BeachRunner said...

Great job!

D10 said...

Great job. Can't wait to hear how the 10k went. I think you are ready for the half.

Erin Leigh said...

Good job getting your runs in. Less than 2 weeks, exciting!!!

tfh said...

I find the great thing about the treadmill is that you can set your pace and then not really think about it at all. Great runs and congratulations for being able to call a 55-minute 10k "nice and easy"-- that's super!

CewTwo said...

The other part of the treadmill is that you still increase your muscle memory and can really benefit!

So soon! Are you getting excited yet? You will do so fine!