Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Two days in a row I got the kids off to camp/school, I got myself ready, and as soon as I dropped them off, I was out the door. YEAH!!!!!
Run today was good. Still felt the left calf, but not that bad. What concerned me was that the pain/ache moved up to my lower back, around the lumbar 5. It tweaked while running, but again, nothing too bad, I was still able to run and finish my 5 mile run. Thank goodness hubby/beachrunner411 gave me the most amazing massage tonight, and seriously cracked my back, so I think I'm A.O.K. I think I wrenched things playing tennis last week and then running my race. Two completely different things that I should NOT be trying to attempt at the same time. Running was/is going so well, and I have put a wrench in it by inserting the tennis at this time. Tennis requires movements from side to side. Completely different muscles. But, win or lose, this weekend it will be OVER!!!
Time: 52:00
Duration: 5 Miles
Avg pace: 10:24
Calories: 451
HR stayed between 129 and 155
M1 - 10:44
M2 - 10:45
M3 - 10:29
M4 - 9:35
M5 - 10:27


D10 said...

NIce job getting out 2 days in a row. Good luck with the tennis. It is a good workout for cross training!

BeachRunner said...

Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the shout out. I am the master of massage and back crackery. :)

Running To Stand Still said...

Glad your hubby was able to help!!

tfh said...

Nice run! Nice massage! Good husband.

I find tennis intimidating-- running forward is hard enough, but sideways with a racket in my hand and my eyes on the ball? Can't do it.

CewTwo said...

It looks like you are doing great! Are you getting faster?

I ran my 15 at race pace (marathon race pace of 12 minute/miles). I have a half-marathon on August 9th. I'm ramping back up to a half race pace of 11 minute/miles with (hopefully) negative splits!

Good luck!

robison52 said...

I'm jealous that you've a hubby that can give massages and crack backs...I've had many massages in the past, but never had my back cracked, sounds painful!?!

Mirjoi said...

Hi, I just "bumped" into your blog, and having just completed my first marathon wanted to say WAY TO GO and YOU CAN DO IT! You can get there. I think anyone can do it. 3 years ago I was 269 lbs and in no shape to run 1/4 mile. I'm trying to get to NYC marathon 2009! Next race is a 1/2 marathon in a couple months. Hello from Seattle! (mirjoi.blogspot.com)

CewTwo said...

Hello? Are you still out there?