Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thanks everyone for the congrats on 6 months of running. Even when I ran back in 2005, I didn't run for this long or this mileage, so I am pretty psyched!!

Well, I didn't make it outside for my run today, but I did make it to the gym and ran 8 miles on the TM. I was pumped. I've never run that long on a TM and it felt great. I fired up my ipod video, and actually watched 1 and a 1/2 shows, and before I knew it, I'd run for 1:24:30. But man, it was hot. I even think it might have been cooler outside. LOL I think since it was the weekend, and the owners aren't there, they don't turn on the A/C, not sure, but man. I drank every mile, and I downed 20 oz of water. I put the TM on 5.6 and ran at that speed until the last mile, when I bumped it to 5.8 HR didn't go above 145 until I bumped up the speed, but then it only went up to 149. I was getting concerned the gym would close and wanted to finish. LOL I finished with 5 minutes to spare, walked for 5 more minutes, and left the gym just before the girl behind the desk locked up.

I know, I know, I have to get back outside. Though, with the humidity in the gym, maybe I will do ok in the race next Sunday, after all. LOL But now that the kids are going to school/camp starting tomorrow, I will have about 2 hours every day again to run. YEAH!!!

Distance: 8 miles
Duration: 1:24:30
Avg pace: 10:34
Calories: 700
Avg HR: 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 149 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:34 124bpm Cardiac Drift: 134
Mile 2: 10:34 133bpm Cardiac Drift: 138
Mile 3: 10:34 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 143
Mile 4: 10:34 139bpm Cardiac Drift: 144
Mile 5: 10:34 141bpm Cardiac Drift: 145
Mile 6: 10:34 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 144
Mile 7: 10:34 142bpm Cardiac Drift: 147
Mile 8: 10:34 145bpm Cardiac Drift: 149


Running To Stand Still said...

Yay on 6 months!!!

And yay on camp!!! It will be great to have that time.

D10 said...

I don't know how you are able to run so long on the treadmill. I am dreading going on vacation because I am pretty sure most of my runs will need to take place on the TM. Well done. Keep it up.

BeachRunner said...

Kick ass! I had the same no-A/C deal when I ran at the gym. What the hell are they doing to us!?!