Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, I really enjoyed sleeping in today, and my children were angels, they slept in too:) I do LOVE running, and I really am enjoying the races, but what has me bumbed, or not so excited as in the beginning is that I HATE RUNNING RACES WHEN IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the last two races were HOT. I vow never to run a race in June or July again. LOL I know, never say never, but YUCK!!!

I also, hate running races back to back. I know, I chose to run them. Or at least I agreed with my brother to run them. You see, we are doing all these races, so that next year we will have guaranteed entry into the 2009 NYC Marathon. And I'm still extremely excited for that (But I do find at times, when I'm driving my car ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I see the mileage ticker tick 26 miles, I say, holy S%&T, that's a LONG distance. LOL.

But, my brother is a high school teacher, so his time is limited. (In May we did 2 back to back races, the first was a 4M which we ran the same course for 3 races, so I didn't mind that too much, because each of those 4M races I got faster and faster. But in May, after that last 4M, we ran the Healthy Kidney 10K the next weekend, only giving us 5 days rest in between. Guess I'm showing my age, cause that took it's toll, I guess it didn't help that it was HOT. Again, I had a PR, so I didn't complain too much. Then we had about a month (which was LOVELY) off till the next race the Father's Day 5M. Then another month off till these two races in July, which are back to back. This time the 10K was first, then the 4M coming up this Saturday, again, only a 5 day break, in this heat. YUCK. But the upside is, no more races until Sept 14th, and then the final race for the year on Oct 12th, both of these races will be half marathons. I will run the first half as a training run to prepare for the half marathon on October 12th. Then I will have qualified for next year:) Now, that makes all of this WORTH IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Running lots of races in a short amount of time can take a toll. Just have fun with them and do the best you can in the heat. Come September and October running the the nice crisp fall air will seem refreshing and will be enjoyable. Hang in there and try your best. Remember the big picture.

Good luck this weekend you will rock it as usual.

Marci said...

Great blog. Congrats on your 10K result as well. You will achieve your marthon goal, hang in there.