Saturday, May 17, 2008


Healthy Kidney 10K
Distance: 6.2 Miles
Date/Time: May 17, 2008, 9:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 50 deg., 80% humidity, wind 3 mph.

Bib # 4581
Gender/age: F43
Distance (miles): 6.2
Finish Time: 55:29
Pace Time: 8:56
Overall Place: 3,487 (out of 6,273 people)
Gender Place: 1,029 (out of 2,835)
Age Place: 83RD (out of 259 women ages 40-44)
AG Time: 52:51
AG Gender place: 780
Age-Graded%: 57.9%

Woke up at 5am, had my usual oatmeal and banana, then met my brother at 6:30. We got in to Manhattan at 7am, and since we were early decided to try to park on the West side. Bad idea. There was nothing and by the time we got back to the East side, there was nothing. We finally found parking around 8am, about 4 blocks off the Park:( We rushed down to get our bibs, meet everyone. Just didn't have the time to relax, stretch and warm up:( No excuses though, I didn't run this race all out. Not sure if it was because I had never run this course. Hadn't run a 10K in 2 1/2 years, and my longest training run to date was only 5 miles. But I felt good and strong throughout the race, but never pushed it. My heart rate never went over 170, until the last 800 meters, where I stepped up. Again, not sure if I was being cautious for fear that if I pushed I wouldn't finish, but I didn't finish this race spent. I definitely had more left in the tank.

Oh well, my Garmin's virtual trainer won this one:) But there is always the next race:) The GPS kept up this time, but the pacing was all over the place. The Garmin at the end of the race said I ran 6.37, so my numbers were off. So I'm not going to bother writing down the splits as they are off.
Time: 55:29
Avg Pace: 8:56
Avg HR: 165 Cardiac Drift: 177

Since there were a ton of hills in this race, and I ran them, but felt good, and my heart race didn't go over 170 (till the end when I was sprinting), I don't think my last races 199 heart rate was accurate, I now think it was an inaccurate spike, so I still don't know what my max is:( But my training will continue, slow and steady!

Race went ok. I was hoping to do it in 54:00, but crossed the finish line in 55:29. Still under a 9minute mile, and a lot faster than my last 10K (the 2005 Cow Harbor where I finished in 1:01:30), but I was hoping I could run it faster today. The course was hilly. Oh man, I knew there was a hill between mile 2 and 3, but man, the hills just kept coming. It was like running in my home town (hilly), but when I run the hills in my town during my training runs, I don't run a fast pace. LOL So, over all, I'm happy, but I will break 54:00 minutes for the Park to Parks 10K on July 12th, 8 weeks from today:) Oooh, I do love a challenge.


BeachRunner411 said...

Another great job!

robison52 said...

Smart to run this 10k race conservatively as your longest run was only 5 miles, plus those hills would make even pacing extremely difficult. You had plenty left in your tank and believe you'll easily beat your virtual trainer next time for a -54:00!!

The Laminator said...

Great run. You made an improvement over the last time you ran this distance, so there's no reason to think you cannot do even better. I agree though. Those hills are very challenging for those aren't familiar with the terrain...and come to think of us...even for those of us who are!