Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, it's not actually the HALF that I am training for (that one is the Staten Island Half marathon on October 12th), but I am running the Queens half marathon on Sunday, September 14th. I decided to add this race to my race schedule, and run it as a training run, as I SO prefer running with people for long runs. LOL Plus I heard the course is fairly flat, and I thought it would be a nice warm up (since I've never run a HALF marathon race before). And I will run it as a training run and see how things go. I will also have the Cow Harbor 10K race 6 days later on Saturday, September 20th). So, I have had a little break from racing, but their are 3 races on the calendar for me, coming up:)

Legs felt really good after last Sundays 14 miler. However, due to no babysitters (I SO CAN NOT WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START, 10 days and counting!!!!), I was not able to get any runs in Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursday:( I did join some friends on Friday morning and ran the Cow Harbor 10K course. Legs felt great, weather could not have been more perfect (dry and 74ish), and I finished it in 53:48, and it was a training run. I was thrilled!!! Legs and lungs felt awesome and the HR stayed around 160. Why am I so thrilled?? This is the course I ran in 2005, where I finished in 1:01:30. So, to say the least, I am very excited with how my training is going. Granted come race day this year, I would have run a half marathon 6 days before (but only as a training run), and who knows what the weather will be like?? Some years it's perfect, some it is raining, and sometimes it's hot, only time will tell).

And today, because hubby was home to watch kids, I got in a very easy 4 miles in 44 minutes (HR stayed around 135), around the nearby pond. I got out the door at 8:30am, but it was already humid. Decided to take today short and very easy and do my long run (hopefully) tomorrow.

So, that's it in a nutshell. 10 days till school starts when I will once again have a very consistent running schedule again, as kids will be in school. YAY!! The downside is, for the past 2 weeks I've been in kind of a forced taper:( as I had the kids and couldn't run:( So, the mileage will pick up again just in time for my races. LOL, but I will be careful to taper as the races get closer.

3 weeks till Queens Half

3 weeks 6 days till Cow Harbor 10K

7 weeks till the Staten Island Half (at which time, I will officially be guaranteed entry into the 2009 NYC marathon).

So, my first goal is almost accomplished:)!!!!


BeachRunner said...

Great job. You will be well prepared for your training run half and the other two races. :)

Erin Leigh said...

What a great improvement in time, especially since you did it as a training run.

You have a lot of stuff coming up, EXCITING!!!

tfh said...

Wow, awesome time running the 10k course-- with such a moderate HR, too! That's fantastic. The races coming up sound exciting-- I have my first half the same weekend and I agree-- even if you're not all-out racing it seems a very motivating way to do a training run.

CewTwo said...

Umm... Err... Like to run with other people ion long runs! What a way to do it! I am impressed!

I want a race report!

Good Job!

robison52 said...

Congrats on setting a course record for your 10k race! That's good news for your upcoming "training" half marathon. Personally, I find entering a race as "training" impossible for me as I'm too competitive for my own good...once that gun goes off I'll blast off as my excitement and adrenaline pushes me too hard for a training run. I admire your self-control!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck this weekend. I will be running the Half Marathon also and will be trying my best. This will be my 9th race this year.