Saturday, August 16, 2008


First I want to mention that my hubby got a shoutout from Steverunner over at phedippidations. I was listening to fdip's latest podcast (Fdip 148) last night, and with about 10 minutes left, I hear steverunner say "this weeks phedippidations featured blog is titled beachrunner411 a new runner's blog, there is no challenge more important than the challenge to improve yourself, etc....) Wow, pretty awesome!!! Now if that's not motivation for my husband to get out their and run, I don't know what is. Thanks Steverunner:)!!! and honey, I couldn't be more proud of you for getting out there and running:)

As for me, I couldn't get myself motivated to run my 14 mile long run by myself (as my bro is injurred/driving his oldest to college), so I did the next best thing to boost my spirits. I ran with hubby and kids at the local high school track:) Got out much later than we planned, almost noon, on a wide open (no trees) sunny track. LOL but the kids and hubby did great, considering it was warm out there. I got in 4 nice and easy and I WILL do my long run tomorrow morning!!

Digits for today are as follows:
4 Miles in 37:50, average pace/mile = 9:27 Not bad considering we stopped alot to fuel ourselves and the kiddos:)


BeachRunner said...

Today was fun. And don't worry the Fdip thing won't go to my head. :)

Erin Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day!!!

How long will your brother be on the mend?

robison52 said...

Having a great family run at the track trumps a long run most of the time...but you still need that long run for endurance and stamina for your races.

Great to hear that your hubby is somewhat of a celebrity, he deserves the kudos! He's improving rapidly!!

Anonymous said...

The 14 miler can wait. Time with the family is always more fun and more important.