Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, yesterday's quality run at the track with the family was the perfect medicine for boosting my morale. I soooo was not looking forward to this long run by myself (as my bro is injured with a slight groin pull, though he thinks he'll be back this week. YEAH!!) Anyway, I got out a bit late today, hit the pavement at 1oam, and though it was lonely and by mile 9 I wanted to quit, I stuck to it and finished the 14 miles at an average pace of 10:31. And finished strong with the last mile at 9:18 YEAH!!!

I would have much preferred to head out East to my brother's FLAT neighborhood, but that wasn't an option:( So I stayed close to home and combined a few routes that I run. So, a bit hillier than I would have liked, but it's done. I definitely feel good about this run, as it's the longest I've ever run before, and I did it all by myself:) Hopefully I won't have to run alone again, but now I know if I have to, I can!!!

Digits for today's run are as follows:

14 miles in 2:27:12 a 10:31 pace and the HR stayed between 121 - 157 even with the hills:)

M1- 10:42 M8- 11:04
M2- 10:51 M9- 10:38
M3- 10:22 M10- 10:31
M4- 9:58 M11- 10:41
M5- 10:16 M12- 11:25
M6- 10:53 M13- 10:05
M7- 10:16 M14- 9:18

One thing I learned about this run was that although I had my fuel belt with the 4 water bottles, each of which I think holds 8 oz. I filled them all up with water and finished them all by the end of the run. I realized today, during this long run, on a hot day, that I really need to start experimenting with gatorade or shot blocks, as I think today I could have used the sugar and electrolytes!! After the run I downed about 60 oz of G2 throughout the day, and right now, at 9pm the legs feel awesome. I will run a short 4 recovery run tomorrow:)


Anonymous said...

Great job!! You are running really strong. Are you going to sign up for a half this fall?

BeachRunner said...

Awesome job, but you know that because I already told you. :)

Marcy said...

Alright!! Sweet sweet job ont hat 14! Whoot!

tfh said...

Great job! I know I've been growing bored after 90 minutes out there, so very cool that you hung on-- and finished strong!

robison52 said...

Congrats on running your longest run yet, 14 miles!! Not only was it your longest run, but you did it alone, on a hilly course, finished strongly and learned lessons that you needed carbs and electrolytes next time. Yup, If you have to run alone again, or even a longer run, perhaps on a more hilly course, YOU CAN!!!

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, good job on your long run by yourself, that is amazing...

Yes, the long runs now are for experimenting with gels, shotblocks, gu's whatever works for you. Better to find out now what doesn't work than on race day!


CewTwo said...

I think we all fight that monster! How do I stay hydrated, nourished and energized during long runs?

I had 2 bowls of instant oatmeal Saturday morning. I had home made pasta with turkey steak and veggies the night before. I was sucking down a pack of CARB BOOM (Gu that I like) every 4 miles, and still at the end of hour 3, I was wearing thin.

Next week will not be so bad at just 13 miles (I don't believe that I just wrote 'just 13 miles!')

But the week after that is 20 miles! I'm getting some energy bars for the halfway point!

Great job though! Keep it up!