Thursday, August 14, 2008


Got out late today (2:20pm), but at least I got it in (missed yesterday because too much "stuff":( going on), and it wasn't too hot. Hot yes, but not too hot. LOL Run felt good. Legs felt good. My brother injured his groin, so I'm not sure how I'll do with my long run Saturday:( I am due to do 14, and it is just SOOOO much easier to do with a partner. Oh well...

Digits for today:
6 Miles in 58:32
Avg pace of 9:10
Hr avg: 148 cardiac drift: 165 (not sure about the HR readings today, as I could not get a reading on the Garmin face, or at least it didn't show on the Garmin face, but after the run when I downloaded the info to the computer, it showed HR information for each mile run. Interesting... So, like I said, not sure if it was accurate or not, and now wondering if I need new batteries for the strap. Got the Garmin on March 28th, and I've used it for 66 runs. I always have the watch fully charged by USB before every run, but wondering if the strap now needs a new battery. Hmm... would have thought it would last longer???

M1- 10:08 M2- 9:58
M3- 9:56 M4- 9:30
M5- 9:33 M6- 9:23


BeachRunner said...

Great job on the run. :)

Erin Leigh said...

Great job. No clue on the garmin here. Will hopefully be asking you for advice soon. Hope your brother heals up fast so you get your partner back!!

D10 said...

Nice job on the 6. You are really running strong. Keep up all the great work. Hope you have a nice weekend.

tfh said...

Great run and great job fitting it in!