Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I dropped my kids off at school today, and hit the gym at 9:30am for a spinning class. FINALLY after talking about doing spinning for MONTHS, I finally made it. I was a bit concerned how I would do/feel after yesterdays 14 mile long run, but my legs felt awesome when I woke this morning and I finally decided to BELIEVE in D10's wisdom of crosstraining, and got myself to the class. and man am I glad I did. OMG, it was AWESOME!! I definitely didn't push it, but I worked it for sure. Class was about 1:08:00 with warm up and cool down, and my Avg HR was 131, Cardiac Drift: 157

I think one reason that I liked it so much was that my legs are so much stronger today, than they were the last time I attempted a spinning class. God knows when that was. LOL With having a years worth of running miles behind me, this spinning can only strengthen my legs even more. Using muscles in my legs that running doesn't. I know, I know, D10, you said this to me numerous times, but I am finally in the right frame of mind to stop, listen, and do what you say!!

I felt very strong while riding the bike in the upright/running position, and felt OK when sitting on the bike seat riding the flats or coming upon the hills. Interesting that in the seated position my legs burned more, or felt more tired, as opposed to the standing position. But either way I completed my first CT spinning class and will definitely do spinning on Tuesday mornings and HOPEFULLY on Saturday mornings from 8-9am, if time allows for it, as it's the weekend:)

I really have to thank D10 for continuously encouraging me to get off the road and CT to give the legs a break, and bearing with me when I would say yes/sure, and then ignore/do the running thing instead. (I've been told I can be a stubborn old fool) I still think my legs can withstand running 7 days a week, as my runs are usually done at 70% HR or lower, and NO running intervals are involved (or speed work, other than races), so it's not so taxing on my body, but now that I have FINALLY taken the CT/spinning plunge (or more to the point, D's advice!!!), I will never go back. When I completed the class I was completely soaked (I LOVE THAT), and felt like I got a great workout.

I am now ready for my 6 mile run tomorrow. Unfortunately or fortunately depending how you feel about the Mill, my run will be done in the gym on the TM, again, as BR411 is outside as I type this, snow blowing the driveway, as we probably have 4" and more is still falling LOL. Snow sure is pretty, but enough is enough, I want Spring to come so I can get my roads back. LOL


robison52 said...

My gym has a spinning class, but I don't have time for it now, maybe someday. Sounds like you found the perfect crosstraining activity for you!!

tfh said...

Great job w/ the cross-training! I do think it helps the runs stay fresh.