Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Had a great run at the gym today, once again BR411 was on the TM next to me! He ran 3 and then worked out with weights, while I ran my tempo/progression run. Legs felt really good. With each mile they felt stronger and stronger. Nice, since again, I was a bit concerned how they would feel after yesterdays spinning class. Well, I think I passed the test, I did the Long Run Monday, Cross training spin class yesterday, and then my tempo/progression run today and each day my legs felt great!!

12:30pm - got to the gym, all TM's were available and hubby and I chose our mills and started running. I set the TM to 5.6 for the first 2 miles, then 5.8 for the next 2 miles, then 6.0 for the next 2 miles, then 5.6 for the last mile as a cool down.

7 miles in 1:12:00, avg pace 10:17

Avg HR 135 (no clue what the cardiac drift was, as it was in the high 220's due to interference, ARGHHH)

M1 10:39 118
M2 10:33 138
M3 10:13 141
M4 10:15 136
M5 9:54 139
M6 9:52 138
M7 10:31 132

Again, my legs felt great. Felt like I could have continued running forever, but stuck to the schedule as I don't want to over train, and I have a race (Bronx Half) on Sunday, though I plan to run that race as a regular training run (or maybe at marathon pace, we will see how I feel come race day morning: also depends on the weather LOL)


Anonymous said...

Nice workouts! Good luck this weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it.

BeachRunner said...

Great job! Too bad my schedule can't always work out for us that way.