Monday, February 2, 2009


12:20pm - Got to the gym and thankfully no one was on the TM, haven't run 14 on a TM this year and with the 'new years resolutioners' the gyms been crowded and was a bit concerned I'd get kicked off. While I ran, all the mills were being used, but they cycled off and on perfectly, so I was able to complete my run!

14 miles in 2:23:52, avg pace 10:16

Avg HR 140 Cardiac Drift: 151

M1 10:39 125 Cardiac Drift: 137
M2 10:14 135 Cardiac Drift: 154
M3 10:14 137 Cardiac Drift: 146
M4 10:14 138 Cardiac Drift: 145
M5 10:14 141 Cardiac Drift: 150
M6 10:14 142 Cardiac Drift: 151
M7 10:14 140 Cardiac Drift: 145
M8 10:14 139 Cardiac Drift: 147
M9 10:14 142 Cardiac Drift: 149
M10 10:14 140 Cardiac Drift: 151
M11 10:14 141 Cardiac Drift: 147
M12 10:14 144 Cardiac Drift: 151
M13 10:14 145 Cardiac Drift: 152
M14 10:14 148 Cardiac Drift: 151


Ashley said...

Your blog has been so inspiring! I ran the NYRR race on Sunday and it was my first this year as my fiance and I try to do the same thing you did- qualify for the marathon through races and volunteering! Do you have suggestions on how to not get bored on the TM? Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Way to stau on the TM for 14 miles.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Don't know how you can do such a long workout on the treadmill. Awesome...

Anonymous said...

So I recently stumbled upon and have since enjoyed your blog. I joined the NYRRs this year and its very cool seeing your journey from the start, when you tackled the 9 plus one, to a year later prepping for the marathon!

Could you explain a little bit about why it's important to focus on heart rate like you're doing in your training?

I just signed up for the MORE half-marathon in April. Haven't ever run more than 10 miles though, and that's on the TM. So hopefully I'll be able to ramp things up in the next few months so that I can handle 13.1. ;)


robison52 said...

Congrats on your first 14 miles this year! Your heart rate numbers are very good too!

tfh said...

After 14 miles on the 'mill Bronx is gonna be a breeze!