Friday, February 6, 2009


1:05pm - Got to the gym, today had 11 miles scheduled for my Medium Long Run, but chose to do 8, as I have the Bronx Half on Sunday. Tomorrow is a complete and total rest day!! Realized when I got to the gym I forgot my little snickers, which I've been popping about every 3 or 4 miles depending on the distance I was running. Oh well, still had an awesome run and my legs really felt like they wanted to take off.

Set the TM to 5.6, and ran all miles at that speed. Ran 8 miles in 1:24:30 Avg pace of 10:34

Avg HR 132 Cardiac Drift: 146

M1 10:39 121 Cardiac Drift: 130
M2 10:33 129 Cardiac Drift: 142
M3 10:32 132 Cardiac Drift: 142
M4 10:32 132 Cardiac Drift: 141
M5 10:32 135 Cardiac Drift: 143
M6 10:33 136 Cardiac Drift: 144
M7 10:32 135 Cardiac Drift: 144
M8 10:32 138 Cardiac Drift: 146

Overall a great run, and my last run until Sundays race. As I am scheduled to run 6 on Sunday and 16 on Monday, I am flipping those runs. I think I will run 3 warm up miles before the race to make my miles for Sunday 16.1, and then have a nice recovery 6 mile run on Monday, and then Spin tuesday, etc. etc. etc. for the week.

I still would like to run the race at marathon pace (say 9:09), but will make that final decision at the start of the race. I think I'm ready for it, but I also am in the middle of training so I don't want to go crazy, plus it's going to be cold, so I'm just running it at a doable/training paced run.

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CewTwo said...

You are going to do great! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday!