Sunday, January 6, 2008


Warmer today, but overcast. Temp about 47 degrees.

Start time: 1:26pm
Finish time: 1:56pm

Total time: 30min
Total Distance: 2.08 miles

Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 229
Calories burned: 170

Tried to keep my pace at about a 9:30 mile when doing the jogging. Felt good. I got warm today, but I think it's because I wore my winter jacket. There was no need as the temperature outside was warm. Oh well, live and learn. Never got winded and run/jog felt good. But wonder if that had anything to do with the High HR compared to the first two days, but I did increase the pace on the jogs, so that was a factor too.

Another thing I did differently today, was I didn't start from the house. I started from the corner of Van Burren & Truman (Kate's house). The first two workouts, though it really didn't hurt, but felt uncomfortable, were my shins while walking up Taylor Street. A fairly big hill. Felt MUCH BETTER. Will do this for awhile until I feel stronger.

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