Friday, January 4, 2008


Woke up this morning after not getting much sleep. Bec kept waking in the middle of the nite:( But I got enough. Got kids off to school and did my C25K earlier today, than the last one, which I had to do later in the day (not my preferred time to do it)! Weather was cold, but not as frigid as yesterday! Run/walk felt great today. No ill effects from the first day:) So far, so GOOOD!!!

Left my house at 10:43 and returned at 11:20.

C25K Program actually was only from 10:43 to 11:13. If I want to start at home and stop at home, at least for the time being, my program times will be a little off. So, for now I will keep track of both.

I want to keep track of when I leave the house and return. Obviously this will include a lot more walking until my endurance/speed picks up. Which should happen as I approach week 2, 3, 4, 5, etc... as it will require more jogging and less walking.

I pulled out my garmin forerunner 101 that Gregg gave me for Xmas LAST year. Still sealed in the box. Never used it. Didn't understand what it was really, but decided to strap it on and see. I'd always used my Polar HR monitor which had a pod for pace/distance.

But I am determined to train for the marathon and I read alot of blogs that said the Forerunner was a great training tool, and decided to open the box and use it. It took about 2 minutes to find a signal and once it locked on, it kept a signal the whole time:) A concern I had since we live in the hills. (Plus one for the forerunner!!!!!!!! )

Only problem was that it was difficult to judge how long the run/jog would take from starting at my house to finishing at my house. I already knew the week 1 C25K didn't make it back to my house. Stopped right about Mrs. Mogelesky's house. So I guessed and programmed the forerunner for 2 miles in 30 minutes. Next time I think I should just hit start and not enter a program??

Well, I made it all the way up to parking lot at Dr. Shineman's office, turned around and made it back to right in front of Jimmy's Pizza. When the Forerruner beeped and told me I reached my 2 mile goal, in 26.:04 minutes. So my guestimate was way off today. Will try to do better Sunday.

My polar HR monitor said almost exactly the same thing. So, pretty accurate. Unfortuneately, I chose to do the vertual trainer on the Forerunner, and was faster, so the unit stopped when I got to Jimmy's. So I don't know the whole distance back to my house. I'm learning how to use this thing:)

I don't quite know the distance i did today in all, from my house back to my house, but I should know by next run/jog. But the program portion was about 2.2 miles in 30 minutes. My average heartrate was 133 and my Max heartrate was 158. So from my first run/jog, that has improved. NICE!!

But I was impressed with the Garmin Forerunner 101. It worked and I really liked it. Will definitely use it again and try to figure out how to use it. LOL Won't use the vertual trainer next time, that's for sure. Will wait till I'm running 3 miles at a clip for that. Wonder if I can just turn it on and hit start if it will give me time, pace & distance. Cause that's really all that I need.

Oh, and the music for the podrunner podcast from itunes is awesome. I really like running to it. And the guy that put it together is great. Tells me exactly when to run and when to jog. It's AWESOME!!!!!!

So, I'm doing it. And with my training buddies: the forerunner, my HR monitor and my itunes podcast. I KNOW I'LL be running in no time doing races come April!!!!!!

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