Monday, January 14, 2008


Started the 3rd week today. Start with a brisk 5 min warm up, followed by two repeats of the following: Jog 90 secs/walk 90 secs, jog 3 min/walk 3 min. followed by a 5 min cool down.

Todays run went very well. Almost didn't get it in as Allie stayed home from school in the a.m. but she went for the afternoon session so I got my run in. Very cold and it was sleeting during the jog/walk. But soooo glad I got it in.

Temp today was about 34 degrees

Start time: 1:35p.m.
Finish time: 2:05p.m.
Total time: 29:29 min

Distance: 2.09 miles

Avg HR 127
Max HR 162
Calories burned: 168

All and all it felt good. No stitches and the 3 min jog felt awesome.

Now to just keep it up while on vacation, which starts Wednesday. Turks & Caicos WARM weather here I come!!!

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