Friday, April 4, 2008


Well, I haven't been on a treadmill since 2005, and I was dreading this run, but it was chilly and rainy, and I wanted to get this run in, so treadmill at the gym was my only way.
Suprise, it wasn't that bad. Back in 2005 my quads would ache, but not this time. I took it easy, started at 3.2 and went up only as high as 5.4. I didn't want to push the speed, but I will attempt to increase the speed each time I use the treadmill. But I will let my body dictate how fast I go on the treadmill.

I wonder if my quads didn't hurt this time around because I have been running for 3 months outside, with 50 runs under my belt. (roughly 172 miles). Pretty cool stats. And it's only the beginning. Whereas in 2005, I did vertually all of my c25K on the treadmill and then went outside when I couldn't take the treadmill anymore. Hmm...

Total time was 45:48
Distance: 3.58

5 minute warmup walk @ 3.2 when the distance hit .3, I upped it
to 5.0 and ran for 1 mile
then 5.2 for another mile
then 5.4 for another mile
then back to 5.0 running for about 5 minutes or so till I was at 3.5 miles total,
then down to 3.0 for walking to cool down.

My heartrate was between 120 and 138 the whole time:)

Run felt good. I won't be so nervous about the treadmill next time, and next time it rains or whatever, I will treadmill it instead of missing a run!!


BeachRunner411 said...

Great job on the TM. You conquered your "fears". LoL. That is great because now you have options.

robison52 said...

Very cool stats!!! Your quads are obviously stronger than 2005 and made your treadmill runs easier and pain free! It's fun to see how we improve over the years, sometimes without even knowing it!