Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Great run today on the treadmill at the gym. Went on the treadmill by the door this time, and really had a great run. No aches and pains, and I kept the speed at 5.0 I really like this treadmill better. And my HR numbers are much better, even though I was running at a faster speed:) Tomorrow, supposed to be sunny and blue skies, so I will get outside:)
Time: 37:00
Distance: 3 miles
AVG Pace: 12:20
Calories: 185
AVG HR: 122bpm Cardia Drift: 129bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183)

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 12:20 AVG HR: 120bpm Cardia Drift: 126
Mile 2: 12:20 AVG HR: 122bpm Cardia Drift: 126
Mile 3: 12:20 AVG HR: 123bpm Cardia Drift: 129


robison52 said...

Your heart rate numbers are right on the money and is a good slow MAF run. Rather than state that "MAX HR 126" could be confusing as some newbie might interpret that to mean that your maximum heart rate of 126 bpm was achieved. I prefer posting that Cardiac Drift was 126 bpm or maybe state that your heart rate high was 126 bpm, with a note that your MHR is 170 or whatever is your MHR

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hi Bruce!

Thanks for the suggestion. You are right once again! From now on I will say my AVG HR is ----, with cardiac drift to -----. and then in () I'll put what I think is my MAX HR. Will be much easier for one to interpret. Thanks!

Not sure if you saw my post below FANTASTIC 4.33 RUN THIS A.M. but in that post I write about how I tried to achieve my MAX HR. Not sure if I did, because only got up to 176, and I already know I've seen it as high as 183 in my last race. John Parker said if you see it go higher, then that's your number. So, I will try again:)