Sunday, April 6, 2008


After taking yesterday as a REST day, had a really good treadmill run at the gym!
Total time was 46:02
Distance: 3.87
Calories - 422

5 minute warmup walk to .3 @ 3.2 MPH
Mile 1 @ 5.2 MPH 12:57 HRavg 113 HRmax 131
Mile 2 @ 5.4 MPH 11:03 HRavg 134 HRmax 141
Mile 3 @ 5.5 MPH 10:47 HRavg 140 HRmax 144
.5 @ 5.6 MPH 5:13 HRavg 133 HRmax 142
2min cool down walk @ 3.0 MPH
My heartrate was between 113 and 144 the whole time:)
Run felt really good today. I think I'm a treadmill addict. LOL Not sure if I really like the treadmill, or if it was because my husband was at the gym running on the treadmill next to me. It was awesome. He started week 3, day 1 of c25K, and it was really great seeing him do his workout!!! Great job honey!!!
I'm doing a great job keeping the HR low. And I did increase the speed from Friday. Tomorrow I believe it's supposed to be nice, so will be fun to be outside again.


robison52 said...

You're so fortunate to have a supportive and running hubby!!

By the way, the book, "Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners" is ISBN# is 978-1-84126-206-2

BeachRunner411 said...

Great job partner!