Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Weather was a bit nippy, though the temp said 52 degrees, and the sun was FINALLY shining. I basically ran the exact same course/run that I ran this past Saturday, but I did not sprint up the hills to my house. I did run them, but did not sprint them.

Interesting to note though, I ran it in 47:58 today, with no sprinting, and on Saturday, where I sprinted the last .33, my time was 49:28, about a minute and a half slower. Go figure. My heart rate today was also better, staying at an average heart rate of 138bpm, with cardiac drift: 156bpm bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183) On Saturday, the avg HR: was 136bpm, with cardiac drift: 176bpm

I set my Garmin Virtual Partner (a.k.a. George), hence the reason for my blogs song, the theme from Curious George:) Anyway, I set George to run 4.33 in 53:00, and stayed way ahead of him the whole time. I'm really getting used to running with him, and really might use him during my next race. It's really easy to read, and know when I'm ahead. We'll see.

Time: 47:57
Distance: 4.34 miles
AVG Pace: 11:03
Calories: 329
AVG HR: 138bpm Cardiac Drift: 156bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183)

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:44 AVG HR: 119bpm Cardiac Drift: 146
Mile 2: 11:10 AVG HR: 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 150
Mile 3: 11:01 AVG HR: 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 150
Mile 4: 10:58 AVG HR: 144bpm Cardiac Drift: 152
.34: 4:00 AVG HR: 149bpm Cardiac Drift: 156

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The Laminator said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Congrats on your nice run. The fact that you ran faster and with a lower average HR means your aerobic capacity is getting better and you're running better. That's so cool. Bodes well for you in your upcoming races.

Since you asked, I'm running the Jersey Half Marathon this sunday, and then the Healthy Kidney 10K later this month.

Hope your training continues to go well.