Thursday, April 10, 2008

This morning when picking up my youngest at pre-school, I turned my ankle. I couldn't believe it. Stood there for a few minutes and tried to stretch it out. Seemed ok. Gave the little one lunch and then brought her to her PM pre-school. I came home, did a few things, ankle felt fine so I went out and ran 4.32.

The ankle NEVER hurt during my run and I had a great run.
Distance: 4.32
Time: 45:53
Avg pace: 10:37
Calories: 405
Avg HR = 139 Max HR = 159

splits today were:
Mile 1 - 11:26 130bpm
Mile 2 - 10:23 137 bpm
Mile 3 - 10:32 142bpm
Mile 4 - 10:23 148bpm
.32 - 3:07 144bpm
Run really felt great! Rushed home, and instead of icing or taking a tubby, I rushed a shower and rushed to get my older daughter at school to take her to a birthday party. Ankle still felt good. However, during the party, it was at a movie theater, they saw "Nims Island". Great movie, btw. Anyway, during the movie, my ankle really started to stiffen and get VERY sore. By the end of the movie, I could barely put any weight on it:( I was able to get us home. I immediately stuck my foot in an ice bucket. For 5 minutes in and 5 minutes out, for about a half hour. Then I took the ice, put it in a zip lock bag, and just let the ice bag on my ankle, while I helped my daughter do homework. Probably about a half hour. Also, this whole time, I was laying flat on the couch. Amazingly, by the time we went to bed, ankle felt good. Still achy, but not the pain it had. I'm guessing sitting in an upright chair at the movie theater was NOT the smartest thing I should have done.
Strange that after I tweaked the ankle, I was able to run 4.32 miles with no pain, and then have it act up hours later. Hmmm.....

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