Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, the heat finally forced me inside on the treadmill. But I had a great run. Started out at 5.3 for the 1st mile, upped it to 5.5 for the 2nd mile, then 5.7 for the 3rd mile and finally 5.9 for the 4th mile. I have NEVER run that fast on a treadmill and it felt GREAT!! I would have kept going, but had to do something and ran out of time:( Oh yeah, I also kept the TM at a 1% incline. Oh, and after every mile I slowed the TM to about 3.3, so I could drink my water without gagging:) Probably took about 15 seconds or so. Funny thing was, it was HOT in the gym, but no humidity, so much better than being outside today. I believe we are to get some rain storms, which we are hoping will break this heatwave!!!

My avg pace was 10:16 by the TM, but since I was running at a 1% incline, how does that translate to what effort I actually did?

Duration: 41:05
Avg pace: 10:16
Calories: 378
Avg HR: 147 Cardiac Drift: 155 (not sure what the MAX is??)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:57 Avg HR: 140 Cardiac Drift: 149
Mile 2: 10:57 Avg HR: 146 Cardiac Drift: 149
Mile 3: 10:34 Avg HR: 149 Cardiac Drift: 153
Mile 4: 10:17 Avg HR: 152 Cardiac Drift: 155


Running To Stand Still said...

Great job!!!

From what I understand the 1.0 is just supposed to make it more even with running outside. I do all my runs at 1.0 now and I think it has helped since I really don't get outside enough. Big improvement since last fall when I wasn't using the incline.

BeachRunner said...

Great job. I think running at a 1% incline on TM translates to a flat road pace that is about 15 seconds faster. So your avg pace on the TM was just under 10 mins per mile translated to flat road.

CewTwo said...

Things look good! I run inside a lot. This year I have a new treadmill without a fan in the console. Requires a few fans to make it cool enough (no A/C downstairs).
I run at a minimum 1.0 incline. I boost it up depending on my run and the objective for it.
Good job! Keep it up!

Marcy said...

Sounds like an awesome awesome run on the TM!! WTG!!!

D10 said...

Nice run. The heat can definitely get to be too much. Smart decision to run inside.

Keep up the good work!