Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, today I went in for my yearly checkup. They took blood, urine sample, did the lung capacity thingy, EKG, all seems good. Blood work will come back next week. I don't forsee a problem. The doctor was asking me how my running was going, I said great. That I'm actually training for the NYC Marathon next year. She said, oh, that's wonderful. I want to schedule you for a Stress Echo. I nearly passed out. I've been asking my doctors over the last 15 years to do this test. LOL I said is it covered by insurance, she said yes. I couldn't contain my excitement. I gave a huge woo hoo!! The doctor actually laughed at me. Apparently, patients usually don't want to do it. I am SOO excited. I'm actually doing the happy dance:) I get to run on the treadmill hooked up to the machines. Hopefully, I'll finally know my HR MAX. LOL maybe even my V02 Max.

When the appointment ended, I was STARVING. I hit my local diner, and ordered eggs benedict with french fries, and there was nothing left on the plate. Normally I don't eat bread or friench fries, but hey, I deserved it. And it was one of the best meals I've ever had. I think it was Erin who said she can wake up in the morning and not eat for hours, but if you have to fast for the doctors, it's torture. You are SOOO right. Normally I wake up at around 7am, and I won't eat until 11ish, after my run. Well, I had nothing to eat after 9:30 last night, woke this morning, and my appt was at 9:45, by 10am they had drawn the blood, and I was starving. But, like I said, worth it, and I expect good blood results in a week.
Since I had the doctor's appointment and had to fast, no run today. I don't want to experience what hubby felt a few weeks ago when he tried running after his fast at the doctors office. So, two rest days in a row for me. Will be back on track tomorrow.


Marcy said...

That's RIGHT! You DID deserve it ;-)

D10 said...

Your breakfast sounds so good! Glad to hear everything checked out ok. Have a wonderful weekend.

Running To Stand Still said...

I could go for a breakfast like that right now!

I think I would be happy about that test too!!

Tanya said...

Heh-I have to do the blood test thing next Thursday, and I, too, am dreading the whole don't eat thing. I'll be gorging on a cheeseburger and fries afterwords!

CewTwo said...

That is so funny! I fasted over night Thursday so I could in for blood tests on Friday. I won't see the Doctor until July 7th, but he wants the results when he does see me.

I am going to ask if he sees anything that may prevent me from running Chicago. There shouldn't be.

I want a stress echo test, too. I don't want to ask for it, though.

Eventually, he will put in the queue, though. After all, he has had every other test performed on me.

I hope you enjoyed that breakfast!

Good training, run long and taper!