Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, my 5 1/2 year old finally cooperated and came to the gym today, so I could run on the TM. Couldn't find a babysitter, and my Dad was busy. Kudos Allie for sticking it out. I think the ice cream I got her at the end of my run, didn't hurt either:) For some reason my kids have always HATED the daycare at my gym. Not sure why. There are never that many kids in it. But each time in the past when I have tried, you could hear my kids screams all the way to California. I usually listened for about 10min, trying to deal with the patrons stares of disbelief, then caved and left with no workout:( BUT NOT TODAY BABY, she played and colored for just under an hour, while I had a fantastic run on the TM. Granted she jumped up darting for the door when I finished, but she didn't complain, and when I asked if she'd come here again, she said 'yes, Mommy'. COOOOOOOL!!!!

Well, I decided since my last two runs were easy, and I'm supposed to be following my half marathon schedule, (not exactly yet, but I am getting the runs and mileage in, not necessarily by the book, but for now, I'm happy). And I didn't know if Allie would stay in the daycare, so I was 'kind of' pressed for time, I decided to do a tempo run on the TM. I warmed up at 5.5 for .25 miles, then set the speed at 6.0 and ran for 2.75 miles, then upped the speed to 6.2 and ran for 1.5 miles, then the last .5 mile I upped the speed to 6.4 It really felt great. And again, the HR didn't really go that high. Stayed between 122 - 142. And my TM speeds were a lot faster this time. YAY!!!

Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 49.15
Avg pace: 9:51
Calories: 458
Avg HR: 122bpm Cardiac Drift: 142 (I think my Max is 185)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:15 122bpm Cardiac Drift: 137
Mile 2: 9:57 130bpm Cardiac Drift: 136
Mile 3: 9:58 132bpm Cardiac Drift: 139
Mile 4: 9:39 135bpm Cardiac Drift: 140
Mile 5: 9:30 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 142


Marcy said...

That's awesome!!It's always such a PITA when the kiddies won't cooperate. I've been subject to many a stares LMAO!

D10 said...

Great job with the tempo run. Ice cream is always a great bargaining chip. Glad to her she is willing to go back.

Running To Stand Still said...

So great that she went!!! Hope she will stick it out so you can go regularly.

Sounds like you got in an awesome run too.

CewTwo said...

I have a treadmill at home. My 'trick' to enjoying the treadmill is the 52" TV in front of it. Put in a good DVD and all of a sudden the treadmill is not a problem.

Now, all I have to do is get the treadmill to power the TV and the Home Theatre PC! That would be good exercise (and GREEN as well)!!!

It looks like you are a hare compared to this turtle! Good times. Good training!