Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow, can you say HOT, but I'm not going to complain because my friend d10 down in North Carolina is living in serious heat, and we just had a brief (I hope) heatwave. My daughter woke again with fever, and this time the doctors visit revealed a full blown ear infection, so, she's on antibiotics, and feeling much better, but because of the doctors visit and getting to the drugstore for the meds, I didn't get out the door until 12:25, and the thermometer outside was reading 94 in the sun and 88 in the shade. I planned to run 8, but managed to get 6 good miles in, and I was even thrilled with the pace. I wore my fuel belt, with the 4 bottles filled with water (but frozen), and off I went. For some reason, AGAIN, my nike+ crapped out and didn't record the run:( boo hoo:( But I still got to listen to my podcasts and really ended up enjoying this run. By the end of the run I was completely drenched in sweat and my frozen bottles were liquid and empty:) I drank them all. I never do that. But I'm guessing my body needed it because after every drink I just got this amazing burst of energy and just kept on plugging along. Running in the sun was not that much fun, but most of the route was in the shade:)!!
Distance: 6 miles
Duration: 1:01:54
Avg pace: 10:18
Calories: 514
Avg HR: 151bpm Cardiac Drift: 171 (Not sure what my Max is????)

Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:41 137bpm Cardiac Drift: 152
Mile 2: 10:35 150bpm Cardiac Drift: 155
Mile 3: 10:05 148bpm Cardiac Drift: 158
Mile 4: 10:12 153bpm Cardiac Drift: 161
Mile 5: 10:10 153bpm Cardiac Drift: 162
Mile 6: 10:05 163bpm Cardiac Drift: 171 (because of the hill back up to my house:)

OMG, my husband just told me that the forecast for tomorrow is 100 degrees. I'm supposed to start my Hanson's Half marathon training tomorrow. 18 weeks and counting till the Staten Island half:) Bring it on baby!!


BeachRunner said...

Awesome numbers for such a HOT day. Great job.

D10 said...

First, I can't believe you headed out in prime heat hours!!!! You did such a fantastic job running 6 in the heat, great pace and way to stay hydrated.

Ear infections can be the worst. My daughter had chronic ear infections last year and it was not fun. She ended up with tubes and I am happy to report that we have officially gone 1 year without an ear infection!

Hope it doesn't hit 100 tomorrow, that kind of heat is not fun! Here is to the official start to training.

robison52 said...

Can you say, "Global Warming?" I knew that you could...what a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Normally when the temperatures start hitting 90+ degrees I'm heading for the treadmill as it's just too dangerous to run outside and force myself to run the usual paces. Be careful out there!!

Marcy said...

Ooooohhh girl I hear you! It's been crazy nuts with the temps. Normally I don't like to venture out when it's so hot but I didn't wake up early enough to beat the heat. Good for you getting it done!!

I'm sorry about the kiddo. It's always so hard when they're sick :-(

Running To Stand Still said...

Damn girl, great job!!! Glad your daughter is feeling better with the meds!!

CewTwo said...

Running in the heat can be debilitating! Go for the shade!

Good numbers! Keep it up!

Sorry to hear about your daughter! I hope she is better soon!

Finally... Here's to the start of training! (I tripped and fell 5 miles into my first long run!)

mom2beccaNallie said...

Thanks Hon:)

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hey there d10!!

I know, it was crazy, but sometimes you got a do, what ya gotta do:) Overall it wasn't that bad.

I swear by the tubes. Our youngest had them put in when she was 14mths old (she's 5 1/2 now), and she hasn't had an ear infection since. The tubes fell out on their own when she was almost 3. As for my oldest, she didn't get the tubes, but got her tonsils and adnoids removed just before she turned 3. I think she has had 2 ear infections since, not bad, considering she'll be 8 in September. But both, until the procedures, had cronic ear infections.

So far the temp is 86 today, but I couldn't get out this a.m., cause we had a Father's Day thing at my daughters school, and then I have to get the little one to school at 12:30, so once again, I'll be running at prime hours:( I will probably bring my camel back along for the run today, with my fuel belt. Just to make sure I have enough water!!

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hey Bruce,

I'm not ready to turn to the TM just 'yet', as I'm sure this is just a brief heatwave (I hope), but if it continues, I will have to. I'm just making sure I run in mostly shade and that I have plenty of water with me. But I will be flexible and if it's too much I'll get myself to the gym. Maybe start outside and finish on the TM kind of thing.

But you are absolutely right, I will watch my pace, and if need be SLOW down:)

mom2beccaNallie said...

Thanks Marcy!

I know this heat is amazing. But like you said, sometimes you just can't get out early, and we have to run, don't we?? Plus if I train some in it, come race day if it's hot, I'll be a little more prepared!!

You and everyone try to stay COOL!!

mom2beccaNallie said...

Thanks Erin!!

She's doing much better. Amazing what amoxycilan (sp?) can do! Fever is gone and she is once again my happy go lucky 7 1/2 year old:)

mom2beccaNallie said...

Thanks Charlie,

Oh no, I hope you weren't hurt!!

Be careful out there and run long and taper:)