Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, yesterday I completed my volunteering obligation to NYRR. Though it was fun, it was HOT (70 degrees at the start of the race). Thank God I didn't run this race. I ended up being stationed at the finish line, which was cool, but so glad it is over. I met some nice people and got to see the elite runners cross the finish line. Even got to meet the top three finishers:) Hilda Kibet (finish time was 32:43), Madai Perez (32:49) and Deena Kastor (33:14) Wish I had my camera with me. The winner, Hilda, actually was brought to the medic tent immediately after. That was scary to watch, but hey, she finished in 32:43, I think I'd pass out too:(
The main crowd had 2 people pass out after they crossed the finish line. That was scary too. Made me rethink running races on HOT days. My next race is next Sunday, Father's Day 5Miler in Central Park, I am praying the weather is not hot.


CewTwo said...

Last year when I ran the "Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half-marathon" I had a friend drive me up. He volunteered to assist at the finish line.
Chip removal, of course.
He was so sore when it was over. He also saw people finish the race and go straight to medical. Difference was, he was assisting them or carrying them.

Thanks for volunteering! It does show both sides of the same coin!

mom2beccaNallie said...

I still can't believe how sore I was. I guess I used more muscles than I thought, by just standing still for 4+ hours.

You are right, I didn't carry anyone, but my brother did. He carried 2 people who collapsed to the medics tent. Come to think of it, he told me that evening that he was really sore:(

Yeah, it was cool to volunteer and give back some:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, how did NYRR confirm that you volunteered? Did they send you an email? I recently volunteered and logged onto my volunteering account and didn't see a confirmation that I volunteered at all....just worried that when the time comes, they may say I never volunteered when I did.

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hi! LOL, I felt the same as you. Don't worry!! But you have to go into the volunteer page, click on profile and make sure that account has your email address, if not, enter it in. Then you will get the email confirming you volunteered. That is what I did, and I got the email about 2-3 weeks after I volunteered.

It's a flaw in the NYRR system. They do not have the two things linked. Our races are in one area with a login and password, and then the volunteering section is separate with a login in a password (though the login and password can be the same for both accounts). The two separate areas (races and volunteers), don't communicate with each other. Meaning I get the eflash emails because of my membership. But the volunteering section would not have sent me an email to confirm if I didn't go into the volunteering section, under profile and make sure that in there was my email address. Even though the organization has my email.

It's confusing, but hopefully you get the gist:)

Good Luck!! I have the Queens and Staten Island halfs to go, and then I have my guarenteed entry for 2009!!! How about you???