Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Now that school is winding down (my youngest's morning pre-school is over:( and her PM pre-schools graduation is on Friday), it is harder for me to get my runs in, not to mention try to keep in touch with my blog buddies. I am SO sorry I haven't visited, but my time has drastically been cut short. I can't believe how I rely on my girls being in school or camp. LOL My older one is finished June 27th. I do have them in camp starting July 7th, so from now until then, my computer time, and training time will be limited. Well, not really the training time, I just have to get coverage, or wake up before my husband goes to work. I promise I will visit all of you soon, and thank you all for the encouraging comments. I do read them and they give me such inspiration:)

But, to today's post. Thanks Grampy for babysitting Allie so I could run on the TM at the gym:) It was an amazing run. I decided to up the incline to 2%, and ran the first 4 miles at a speed of 5.6, then for the 5th mile I upped the speed to 6.0 (fastest I've ever run on a TM and it felt GREAT!!!!) and the best part is I couldn't get my HR to go over 145, my average heart rate was 131!!!!! Wow, my training is really starting to show. According to the Effort-based treadmill chart that I found here it says that at 2% incline at 5.6 speed, the effort is like a 10min pace. and 6.0 speed is like a 9:24 pace. And I felt like I could have gone longer and faster, but my time was limited, cause I told my dad I'd only be gone an hour, and my run lasted 53:48, and I still had to drive home. LOL I'm definitely going to run on the TM once a week, and next time up the speed even more!

Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 53:48
Avg pace: 10:45
Calories: 475
Avg HR: 131bpm Cardiac Drift: 145 (I think my Max is 185, as I saw that # in my race on Sunday)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 10:45 123bpm Cardiac Drift: 130 2% incline & TM speed was @ 5.6
Mile 2: 10:45 129bpm Cardiac Drift: 134 2% incline & TM speed was @ 5.6
Mile 3: 10:45 132bpm Cardiac Drift: 136 2% incline & TM speed was @ 5.6
Mile 4: 10:45 132bpm Cardiac Drift: 137 2% incline & TM speed was @ 5.6
Mile 5: 10:45 140bpm Cardiac Drift: 145 2% incline & TM speed was @ 6.0


CewTwo said...

Darn it! Life gets in the way!

But such sweet diversions! Well worth it!

I had wondered what had happened!

Keep up the training!

BeachRunner said...

Awesome numbers. Great job.

D10 said...

Nice job on the dreaded Treadmill! Have fun at pre-school graduation. You are doing such a great job with your training keep it up!

robison52 said...

The dreadmill does have it advantages, a good way to do speedwork safely as the running platform is cushioned and flat...just be careful not to do too much too soon. I've read where ramping the treadmill grade too high could cause achilles problems, but I have found that to be the case although I do the increases very gradually.

Running To Stand Still said...

Good job getting in there!!

Does your gym have a daycare?