Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It was cloudy and drizzly, but nice for running. I didn't hit the TM or the local track, didn't feel like driving. LOL So I did my normal loop around the water by the church. Not sure if it was the two days off because of the quads, me forgetting my water, or what, but todays run SUCKED. The first 1.5 went great. No pain at all in the legs. My issues with my quads because of the WiiFit have subsided, thank GOD. But at mile 1.5, where I decided to do some hills, instead of turning back. The the stitch hit and I could not get rid of it. I ended up walking every .5 mile for 30 seconds, for the remainder of the run, it was bruttal!! I wanted to run 5 miles today, but when I looped back towards my house at 4, I quit. Well, at least I got out there and logged some miles. As they say, some days are good, some days are ugly. Haven't had a bad day like today since I started. Oh well......

Distance: 4 miles
Duration: 45:22
Avg pace: 11:18
Calories: 400
Avg HR: 131bpm Cardia Drift: 151 (Not sure what my Max is????)

Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 11:18 129bpm Cardia Drift: 149
Mile 2: 10:49 137bpm Cardia Drift: 151
Mile 3: 11:18 129bpm Cardia Drift: 142
Mile 4: 11:46 128bpm Cardia Drift: 135


BeachRunner said...

Everyone has a bad day now and then. You were overdue for one, I guess. It happens. Don't worry about it. or let it get you down. Getting in a 4 mile run (even a "sucky" one) is damn good.

mom2beccaNallie said...

I'm not bummed per se, especially since my quads didn't hurt at all. Just not sure why I got stitches??:( Maybe it was the 64oz McDonald ice tea I drank yesterday.... though it tasted good going down, I've never had it before.

D10 said...

We all have our off days and they sometimes come without warning or reason. Way to stick the run out.

Side stitches also happen. When I get one I try and concentrate on my breathing and pinch my side with my fingers, this usual does the trick.

Glad to hear the quads are better!

Running To Stand Still said...

Sorry you had a sucky run. Like you said, you were out there though! Glad your legs are feeling better.

Marcy said...

Def better than nothing :-) We all have them :-) At least you stuck with it chica! GREAT JOB!!