Monday, November 17, 2008


BR411 had a great race yesterday! I won't go into details, as you can read his report for yourself.

I will say it was awesome running the race with him. I hope it is the first of many, many NYRR for him. He really did an awesome job. He dealt with the cold, the crowds, the waiting around, like a champion. Note to self for next race that he comes in for. Prepare him for running with LOT's of people. Zig-Zagging is an art. Not the time to sit back, you have to be a 'little' aggressive. Unfortunately, with MOST NYRR races, there are always LOT's of people, so you usually are zig-zagging all the way to the finish. Especially on this course, because everyone loves running this 4 mile course, so it is popular with the runners. Truth be told, you only slowed during miles 1 and 3 because they were the miles with the hills. I have no doubt if you were able to train outside on the hills in our neighborhood, not just the flats, you would have kept your faster pace. BUT, BR411, you should be proud. When I ran this same course the first time, I ran it in a 9:48 pace, you crushed that!! Though the two miles you slowed at because of the hills, the other 2 miles you kicked butt. Remember, you still crossed the finish line in a 9:27 pace, a hell of a lot faster than you did your 5K this past summer, BABY!!! I'M PROUD OF YOU!!!!

As I said previously, my competitiveness really wanted to try to crush this course (yesterday was the 4th time I ran this course) and run for a PR. With my training, I believe I could have, but nothing was more important yesterday to me, than sticking with BR411, running side by side, the whole way, and running across the finish line hand in hand:) I sure hope the photographers that took our pictures, got us both in the SAME shot, not just individually:)!!!!


BeachRunner said...

Thanks for running with me and making this awesome race so much fun and also a great learning experience.

Anonymous said...

I agree sometimes there are things in life more important than a PR! I am sure the memories of you and BR crossing the finish line together outweigh a fast time.

tfh said...

Great job to both of you finishing together holding hands! You are so supportive of one another-- no wonder you both keep making such great achievements. Hope maybe we will get to see the pictures if they got any? Keep up the good work, what great role models you both are for your girls.

robison52 said...

You both had a wonderful "experience" no matter what your time, as you shared your running passion with eachother. I hope you were able to get a race photo of running together!

I'm getting to the point where these HUGE mega races are becoming a pain, hard to get a rhythm, jostling with the crowds, waiting for the start, shucks...just getting to the course is a royal pain.

I'm filled with half-dread for my upcoming Las Vegas Marathon. I AM looking forward to my first ultra race in April with very few runners and spectators as we challenge the wilderness.