Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today marks the 11 month anniversary of when I started running, in that time frame I have gotten outside (111 times) or on the treadmill (31 times) for a total of 142 runs, and I have run a total of 632.6 miles. Not bad considering when I started, I did the C25K program, and thought I would die jogging 2 minutes walking 3 minutes, or whatever it was. LOL. Today is also the day of the 2008 NYC Marathon (good luck to all running, especially John B, and Jeanie T!!). I am so excited for you guys, I know you are going to do great. I’ll be there next year with you!!!

A recap of what I have done since I started my journey back on January 2, 2008:

- with 11 months of running, also came 16 lbs lost

- I completed all of my races needed, and my volunteering, to be guaranteed entry for NEXT years 2009 NYC Marathon they are as follows, if you wish, you can click on the race name and be brought to the actual race report:

- March 9, 2008 – Colon Cancer Run 4M – 39:14 (9:48 pace)

- April 20, 2008 – Adidas Run 4M – 34:21 (8:35 pace)

- May 11, 2008 – Mother’s Day 4M – 33:29 (8:22 pace)

- May 17, 2008 – Healthy Kidney 10K – 55:29 (8:56 pace)

- June 7, 2008 – Volunteered at the 10K Mini Race

- June 15, 2008 – Father’s Day 5M – 43:47 (8:45 pace)

- July 12, 2008 – Park to Park 10K – 54:38 (8:48 pace)

- July 19, 2008 – Run for CP 4M – 33:38 (8:24 pace) missed PR by 8seconds

- Sept 14, 2008 – Queens Half Marathon – 2:01:30 (9:16 pace)

- Oct 12, 2008 – Staten Island Half Marathon – 1:57:36 (8:58 pace)

I also set competitive goals for each race for MYSELF, to PR, if I could each time. I was able to accomplish a PR in every NYRR race, except one, and I came pretty darn close in that one too, missed it by 8 seconds. LOL

Another highlight of this running journey for me is that it got my hubby/BR411 running as well. Though we don’t get to run much together, when we do I really enjoy those runs. And I am so excited that he is planning to run the Long Island Half Marathon on May 3, 2009. Though I am now contemplating running the Full Marathon that day, as it is a flat course, would give me Marathon experience going into NYC (exactly 6 mths later). Any thoughts/suggestions from any/all experience bloggers is greatly appreciated. I think it is doable, as NYC is 6 mths later, and the LI half is flat. I know I have set my sights on a strong finish for NYC, at beating 4 hours, hopefully running it in 9:09 pace, so my thinking is that if I have a Marathon in my pocket, my goals of NYC might have a better chance. Plus, the Long Island half is practically in my back door.

I will be running one more NYRR race this year, on November 16th, the Race to Deliver, and I am so happy BR411 will be coming into NYC to run it with me. My competitiveness wants to try to make a PR, but I promise you BR411 I will run with you and we will cross the finish line hand in hand:)!!!

Well, today is the 2008 NYC marathon, I am so psyched. My training officially starts tomorrow!!! 363 days till I WILL BE RUNNING THIS RACE!!!! Let the games begin, the motivation stay high, and everyone run strong and taper!!!!

I could not have done any of the above without the support and help of my fellow bloggers. Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

You can officially say, in less than 1 year I will be running in he NYC Marathon!!

You have had a wonderful journey these past 11 months. Can't wait to see what the next year brings.

BeachRunner said...

Salute to that!!!

N.D. said...

The marathon is so inspiring! I've been watching the live feed as Paula Radcliffe is my pregnant heroine!

For the marathon in May, I'm not sure if you want to save your first one for NYC or get one under your belt. I would say, see how the training goes first!

It is so hard to run with a loved one and want to run with them but put your competitive spirit behind. It is good every now and then though.

Congrats on all of the strides you've made !!!

tfh said...

Congratulations! Hard to believe you've accomplished all this just 11 months after starting! It sounds like you're definitely READY to run the LI full and then do NYC 6 months later, but of course I've never run a marathon before so can't really advise...