Monday, November 24, 2008


Had a great 10 mile long run in 1:41:48, for an avg pace of 10:11, covering roads I have never run before:) At 11:30am, I hit the road and decided I would run a completely different route for this long run. I've been running in my immediate neighborhood for roughly 11 mths, and it was time to expand my horizons, though the last two miles were back on my familiar territory by the pondd. It was a great route and a great run, but the downside was that the first 2 miles were basically uphill, then the next 4 were flat, then 2 downhill, then 2 flat around my old pond:) Next time i think I will run 1 mile flat near my pond, and then head up the hilly route. My legs felt good, but I think I hit the hills too quick. Plus, my feet hurt a little now. I really believe it is time to retire my Asics 2130's and get new sneakers!!!

Temperature today was perfect. Weather channel said that it was 45 degrees, but felt like 40, so I threw on a long sleeve dry fit shirt and my shell, wore my tights and my wind pants, wore gloves and off I went.

Funny thing I saw today while running past the pond. There was a thin layer of ice across the pond. Hmm... don't usually see that this time of year, if ever. Me thinks were are going to have a cold winter and lot's of snow:)

My splits for today were: My avg HR was 146 cardiac drift: 162
M1 10:57 142 cardiac drift: 160
M2 11:14 145 cardiac drift: 155
M3 10:24 147 cardiac drift: 157
M4 10:42 143 cardiac drift: 151
M5 10:09 149 cardiac drift: 162
M6 9:37 151 cardiac drift: 158
M7 10:12 150 cardiac drift: 160
M8 9:14 142 cardiac drift: 158
M9 9:44 150 cardiac drift: 157
M10 9:31 151 cardiac drift: 158


430orbust said...

WTG. Know what you mean about switching it up. Running the same route can get boring after awhile. For long runs, I find it really hard to do multiple shorter loops - to easy to stop in the middle!

BeachRunner said...


D10 said...

Noce job exploring! I did some of it this weekend too. I think it is always good to have some options.

tfh said...

Great 10 mile splits on the new route! I also observed a layer of ice this weekend even down here in Virginia-- brrr. I was hoping this would just be a mean November and then winter would go light on us!