Thursday, November 6, 2008


I don't know when I started doing this, but after every run, whether it's a short run or a long run, I hop in the bath tub with the nozzle set on the coldest setting and fill up the tub. I stay in it for 20 minutes and my legs feel awesome. I fill it all the way up so my legs are completely submerged. I really think it helps me with recovery, cause I can wake up the next day ready for another run. I only add ice to the tub after a race:) Oh, and I have to be in the tub before the water starts, or faggeetttaaabbouuiiitt it! I guess I am now accustomed to cold water:) Hmm... I need to get a thermometer to see how cold it really is? I do end it with a quick hot shower, to warm up, but the legs have this cold feeling for about 30min after I'm dressed and walking around. Kind of cool. Pun intended. LOL

Well, thanks go to d10 for the inspiration to get me outside for my run today. When I woke it looked cold and rainy out and I spent the morning drinking my coffee thinking, hmm... will I run inside on the TM or outside in the rain. If I had a treadmill here at home, I probably would have chosen the TM, but I chose to run outside and it was GREAT!! Once I got the kids dropped off to school, I hit the roads. The temperature said 59 degrees, and it was just a misty rain, but it felt so good. I wore my raincoat (one I got from LLBean). I need a runner shell that is waterproof!!! But thankfully I didn't get hot during the rain. Didn't even get cold:) It kept me warm and dry, but my legs were soaked, as were my sneakers:( And I could have done without the puddles. Why, when a car sees a runner and a puddle, they speed up????? LOL

I got in 4 miles today in 43:03, not as consistent pace wise as yesterday, but the HR still stayed at or below 140:) I'm looking forward during this phase one, to see my pace increase, as my HR stays low!!!

Today's digits:
M1 - 10:18
M2 - 11:10
M3 -10:51
M4 -10:44


TwoDogs said...

Man. I have known fellow runners who swear by this kind of thing. One of them told me that she had to bite on a towel. I am way to much of a chicken about cold to try that. Maybe thats why I live in the AZ desert?

Marcy said...

OMG I can't even tall you how many times I've been splashed by cars. It gets worse in the winter when you have those slushy puddles. Yeah, not so good. Way to get it done chica!

BeachRunner said...

Another great job on the run (and ice cold bath chaser) today. You are really rockin' this phase of training.

tfh said...

I was so good with the ice baths in warm weather but lately it's gotten impossible for me. However I will try your tip of getting in the tub and THEN filling it. Great job getting out there in the rain today!

D10 said...

Glad you enjoyed running in the rain. I would have felt bad if you had a miserable run! Great job.

I am going to try the ice/cold bath soaking the legs this weekend after my 20 miler.