Friday, November 21, 2008


10:30am got out for a medium long run of 8 miles. Chose to do both my loops, the hilly one around Huntington Bay, and the flat one around the Mill Pond. Temperature today was 35 degrees, but they said with the windchill it felt like 28. Yah, it did it was cold out there. Need to figure out how to dress for this weather.

Did my 8 miles in 1:30:47 at an average pace of 11:20. HR avg stayed at 134, which I was pleased with. To keep the HR down I walked most of the hills this time. Not sure if my over dressing because of the cold affected my HR, but sometimes, walking is good:) HR did hit various cardiac drifts, but not for more than a few seconds:)

I wore my Asics wicking shirt, a long sleeve cotton shirt over it, and then my winter Obermyer shell. At times I was hot, and sweaty, but not bad. Need to get appropriate outdoor running gear so I don't sweat!! BR411 are you reading this. LOL

My splits for today were:
M1 10:46 130 cardiac drift: 144
M2 10:50 142 cardiac drift: 217 (not sure if this was the hill, or interference:(
M3 12:17 133 cardiac drift: 166 (now this was the hill:)
M4 10:59 134 cardiac drift: 192
M5 13:09 135 cardiac drift: 165
M6 10:53 135 cardiac drift: 153
M7 11:12 127 cardiac drift: 162
M8 10:34 137 cardiac drift: 150

Overall the run felt great. Felt great to finally put in the distance. Haven't done distance in awhile and I had happy feet today:)

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