Friday, November 7, 2008


Today was a great run with BR411, though he stopped at 3.5 and I kept going till I hit 5 miles. We decided we wanted to keep this run flat, so instead of running around the pond, we headed out to the bridge and went left and ran til we hit the stop sign, and turned around and came back and continued past where we started along the water and turned around. I did this modified loop 3 times. Some would say boring, but it's very scenic and I really wanted to keep the hills at bay. I guess part of me also wanted to throw in a loopy course, as the Long Island Marathon is flat, and it's a 13.1 loop that you do twice.

Pace was perfect. Again, not as consistent as my run on Wednesday, but close enough for me. And this time, since there were no hills, my heartrate NEVER went over 134. Sweet. That is, until the last mile, while running alone, out of nowhere, 3 huge dogs appeared barking in front of me. Granted the owner was there, but with a LONG ass leash. Scared the begeezis out of me. When I got home, the Garmin showed that my HR hit 200, during that episode. LOL

Today's digits:
M1 - 10:39
M2 - 10:58
M3 - 11:13
M4 - 11:10
M5 - 11:00

The best part of this base building phase is that I am running at such a slow pace, keeping the heartrate low, it is letting me get out there, almost every day this week for a run (only reason I missed Tuesday, was that I ran out of hours in the day and couldn't get a babysitter:(, and NOTHING hurts!! Once I am running 7 days straight, I will slowly build the mileage up based on Allen's plan (though his plan suggests 6 days, but again, I feel this is doable since the miles are slow and steady). I will definitely run by heartrate, and keep a listen to my body. But so far, so good:)

Eventually my plan is to do the following:
Monday - Long run
Tuesday - Recovery run
Wednesday - Tempo run (but not going over 75-80% HR)
Thursday - Recovery run
Friday - Medium Long run
Saturday - Recovery run
Sunday - Recovery run

I'll take it one week at a time and see how I feel and add mileage accordingly.


I Run for Fun said...

Nice job on building the base. Scary about the dogs. I am a dog lover...but one place I don't want to see one is when I am out running (unless it is mine!)

Anonymous said...

Way to keep builing the base. Are you planning on running the Long Island marathon too? Be careful running 7 days a week. You don't want to burn yourself out.

LIrunner9 said...

Hey D10, Thanks for the advice, always appreciated!!! I will be careful, I'll listen to my body. Building this way, not using speed work or interval/hill training is a lot easier on the body, hence being able to run the 7 days a week, but I will be careful!! I'm testing it out now, for Long Island, that way i will know what to do for NYC.

Actually, I'm running the Long Island Marathon, instead of the Half. They are both on the same day. I believe they even start together, but then split off, but I'm not sure about that??? Basically i'm going to train for the Marathon, and decide as the race approaches (I hope, cause I'm not sure if once you sign up for the Marathon, if you can switch to do the half instead??) But I have until Dec 31st to sign up, so I will decide then, based on how the training is going.

I'm learning alot from VegasRunner, so kind of following what he does. But I totally understand you can burn yourself out, and I will adjust accordingly. For some reason my body likes running, and doesn't like crosstraining. LOL I tend to skip days when it's a CT day, but not miss the run. But, I am very flexible, so will take it day by day for sure:)

robison52 said...

Sounds like you may become a streaker too (meaning running every day, NOT running without clothes lol) The trick is keeping your easy runs VERY easy so you can recover and rebuild before your next harder workout. Shouldn't be a problem for you as your a smart runner who trains by heart rate and carefully listens to her body.

You're going to do great in the Long Island Marathon, keep up the great work!!!

I'm flattered that you're following my example of high mileage and running everyday; I hope I didn't help create a MONSTER!