Saturday, November 22, 2008


Got out for a great 4 mile recovery run. When I left the house at 12pm, weather channel said the temperature was 31 degrees, but that it felt like 18 degrees. Well, for once I think they were right. Man, it was cold out there today. I wore the exact same outfit I wore yesterday, as I was a bit warm running yesterday and it is much colder temperature wise today. Clothing was perfect for todays run, no sweating, though my legs felt cold the whole time, but I think that was do to the insane wind that I was running into basically the whole way. Actually re-reading this I just realized I know why my legs were cold. LOL I didn't wear my wind pants, I just wore my tights. Guess I was rushing to get outside and run, I just plum forgot. LOL. Again, the weather channel said that there were 17mh winds. No clue what the mileage of the winds were, but it was definitely windy and cold:( So, had I worn my wind pants I probably would not have been cold at all today. LOL

My splits for today were:

M1 10:11 129 cardiac drift: 152
M2 10:30 144 cardiac drift: 165
M3 10:14 138 cardiac drift: 149
M4 9:48 147 cardiac drift: 157

My average HR was 140, so I am pleased with that, and I'm guessing that my HR increased because of running into the wind (at times I felt like I was running in place, no joke, it was that windy:), and maybe the clothing I had on, but still, the cardiac drift numbers are just that, drifts, that the number hits for a few seconds and then comes back down. I didn't walk today, like I did yesterday, but I did the flatter route, which does have a few incline, or gradual hills. Again, overall think todays HR was ok.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on your run yesterday and today. Figuring out what to wear is trial and error.