Sunday, July 26, 2009


Week #11 finished.

Great week, but was forced to miss Tuesdays run because it rained and the kids didn't have camp. No babysitters, so run was cancelled. So, I pushed Tuesdays run to Wednesday, and missed out on 6 easy miles. But overall, not bad. First missed workout this training and if I'm going to miss a run, better it be an easy run then a speed workout or long run. Also a bit of a milestone this week by going 15 miles for my long run. Woo Hoo, great week!!

Week @11 Weekly recap: 7/20 - 7/26
Mon- 8 miles easy @9:29 avg pace
Tues - Forced rest day
Wed - 7.5miles: Gauntlet track workout
Thurs - rest day
Fri - 15 mile easy progression long run @8:57 avg pace
Sat - 6 mile recovery run @9:43
Sun - Rest day

Total weekly mileage Week #11 = 36.5miles

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