Saturday, July 18, 2009


Plan: 6 mile Recovery Run @9:45

Got out late today (12:05pm), cuz kids had karate & book club at the library, but I got it done, and supprisingly it wasn't that hot:) Temp said 82F w 50% humidity, way better than yesterday:)!! The 6 miles today were the first 6 of yesterdays long run, and my hr stayed low again, yay, I knew my HR was high yesterday partly because of the humidity:)!!

I weighed myself before and after this run to check fluids, and took G2 at mile 3 and 6 when finished, I was never thirsty, and probably didn't need it at all, but drank it since it was warm and I am coming off a long run yesterday that was really HOT.

It looks like I lost a tad over 1 pound. Hmm, wonder if that means I need to drink more during the run, or just make sure I get 16+ ounces in me at the end when finished???

Legs felt really good and strong today.

6 miles in 58:08 (avg pace 9:41) Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156

M1-9:38 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 150
M2-9:45 Avg HR 146 Cardiac Drift: 153
M3-9:39 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 150
M4-9:41 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 152
M5-9:44 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 156
M6-9:41 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 152

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Gina Harris said...

Nice run and very consistent pace. Good job!