Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Plan: 5miles @9:45

Got out the door as soon as I got kids to camp (10:15am). Temp said 70F, and it was gorgeous out there, really no humidity at all. Legs felt great. Again, nothing to drink during the whole run. Felt strong, like I could run forever.

5 miles in 48:39 (avg pace 9:43)

Avg HR 134 Cardiac Drift: 150

M1-9:44 Avg HR 121 Cardiac Drift: 137
M2-9:41 Avg HR 133 Cardiac Drift: 140
M3-9:48 Avg HR 138 Cardiac Drift: 148
M4-9:45 Avg HR 142 Cardiac Drift: 150
M5-9:41 Avg HR 137 Cardiac Drift: 138

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