Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As soon as I got the kids to camp I hit the road. Legs felt good, and really liked this workout!!

Today's plan:
2-Mile w/u @ 10:00/pace
6 x 3-minutes @ 8:00/pace w/ 2-minute jogging recovery
2-Mile c/d @ 9:45/pace

7.42 miles in 1:09:07 avg pace 9:19 HR avg 143; Cardiac Drift: 162

Here is the info that uploaded to my computer when I got home:

2 Mile w/u- @ 9:51 pace (6.1-7.3mph) (HR avg131; Cardiac Drift: 148)

3min @7:53pace .38miles (7.6-9.1mph) (HR avg150; Cardiac Drift: 156)
2min jog recovery @11:43pace .17miles (5.1-6.2mph) (HR avg144; Cardiac Drift: 153) Drank water

3min @7:47pace .39miles (7.7-9.3mph) (HR avg153; Cardiac Drift: 157)
2min jog recovery @9:35pace .21miles (6.3-7.5mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 155)

3min @7:58pace .38miles (7.5-8.7mph) (HR avg155; Cardiac Drift: 159)
2min jog recovery @9:40pace .21miles (6.2-7.0mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 156)

3min @8:00pace .37miles (7.5-8.9mph) (HR avg157; Cardiac Drift: 162)
2min jog recovery @11:52pace .14miles (4.3-6.5mph) (HR avg142; Cardiac Drift: 155) Drank water

3min @7:47pace .39miles (7.7-8.8mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 160)
2min jog recovery @9:37pace .21miles (6.2-7.4mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 160)

3min @7:53pace .38miles (7.6-9.1mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 157)
2min jog recovery @10:15pace .19miles (5.8-7.1mph) (HR avg145; Cardiac Drift: 156) Drank water

Then 2 mile cooldown @9:41pace (6.2-7.8mph) (HR avg143; Cardiac Drift: 153)

I did not bring anything to drink on this run. I chose to run around my pond route, by the church, as time was limited, and I knew I could quickly duck into the church and take quick sips from the bubbler, if needed. I did just that after the 1st, 4th and last interval before the 2mile cooldown. I was fine during the workout, never felt thirsty, but it was hot out there and I figured what the heck as I was running the recovery jog anyway, though by the end of the 2 mile run, say around 1.85, I was thirsty, and I was thirsty the whole walk back up to my house. When I got home I grabbed a 20oz G2 gatorade, grape flavor and downed it. Then I did the core workout, and Yoga for runners by chaz. Great workout. Compared to this same workout back on 6/23/09, I feel I did better and was stronger this time around. Though last time I did it on the H.S. Track and it was HOT, blazing sun. Today, around the pond, I had the luxery of having shaddy trees for some of it!!

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