Saturday, July 4, 2009


Another beautiful day for a run. Got out the door around 9:20am, and took it nice and easy. No pain at all in the legs, tho they felt VERY heavy. I only drank water after mile 3 and at the end of the run.

5 miles in 49:16 (avg pace 9:51) Avg HR 131 Cardiac Drift: 145

The run went as follows according to my Garmin 305:
M1- 9:47 avgHR 123 - Cardiac Drift: 141
M2- 9:45 avgHR 133 - Cardiac Drift: 144
M3- 9:53 avgHR 135 - Cardiac Drift: 145
M4- 9:56 avgHR 132 - Cardiac Drift: 143
M5- 9:55 avgHR 134 - Cardiac Drift: 140


Gina Harris said...

You're doing great!

robison52 said...

Nice and easy recovery run as your heart rates attest! What's your hydration strategy for the marathon? Drink every three miles like your recovery run? Or, just drink when thristy.

D10 said...

Nice run. This is what a recovery run should look like!