Monday, July 13, 2009


Starting week #10!!

The Plan: 9:30 pace

Legs felt really good today. Because my time was limited I had to do the out & back from the club, so the 1st 2 miles were uphill, which accounts for the higher HR. But again, no huffing and puffing so all was good. I drank powerade mixed with water at mile 3 and mile 6 today.

8 miles in 1:15:45 avg pace 9:28

Avg HR 144 Cardiac Drift: 159

M1-9:30 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 155
M2-9:29 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 159
M3-9:29 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156
M4-9:28 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 151
M5-9:27 Avg HR 142 Cardiac Drift: 149
M6-9:28 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 154
M7-9:25 Avg HR 141 Cardiac Drift: 153
M8-9:29 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 153

Legs realy wanted to take off today, but I stuck to the plan. Can't wait for tmo's speed workout:)!!


robison52 said...

How did drinking Powerade at mile 3 and mile 6 work for you? What was the temperature during your run? Did you feel drinking fluids every three miles adequate? Everyone is an experiment of one, but I find examples of other strategies educational for my own running strategies.

D10 said...

While I love gatorade on runs my stomach can not take it, not even if it is watered down. I have switched to NUUN and it is fabulous!! I love this stuff. You should try it.

LIrunner9 said...

Hey Bruce,

I didn't feel like I 'needed' the drink at 3 and 6, but I took them anyway as it was an 8 mile run, and I don't think in the heat (tho it wasn't that hot, but in the sun it was) I could have made it to 8 without drinking. I'm still experimenting. Temp said it was 69 degrees with virtually no humidity. It was delightful. Last week I tried to drink nothing on my runs, except for the long run on Friday, and I felt fine, never thirsty on the no drink runs, and also on the long runs drinking every 2 miles seemed to work, so just wanted to see on this 8 miler, how I would feel drinking every 3.

Since this was an 8 mile run, I just decided to drink a little at 3 and 6. I think my body is finally adapting to not drinking every mile, which is what I always did. Not sure why, but I'm guessing it's because I thought that is what you're supposed to do LOL

I also thought if you felt thirsty, it was too late to drink, dehydration was already setting in, and I'm learning that isn't quite the case. As long as I hydrate enough the day before, I should be good to go on short runs, with no drinking, and on the long runs, drinking every 2 or 3 miles. Guess I'm just trying to train my body for marathon day.

I'm also not wearing a fuel belt on race day. My coach doesn't believe in them, and NYC will have water at every mile. Kind of spooked about not wearing it, cause I'm not great at drinking out of a cup, but that's what this training is now for LOL. Haven't worn it for over a week now, and I'm actually getting used to the idea. I also didn't want to take the time to stop for a drink, but now that I know my body can handle every 2 or 3 miles, I'm more at ease with the idea of not wearing the fuel belt. Do you wear one? Or just rely on the race water??

Thanks again for all your advice:)!!


LIrunner9 said...

Hey D,

Thanks for the tip on Nuun, I've heard of it and just found a store near me (well 20 miles away), but will try to get there this week.

How do you use it? How often do you drink during your runs, or during your marathons?

I've still got so much to learn, but thankfully still lots of time before NYC.

Thanks again for the suggestion:)