Saturday, May 3, 2008


Had a great run at the gym on the treadmill today. Hubby was there with me (thanks Grampy for babysitting!!!) Got my favorite treadmill by the door, and for the first time set the incline to 1%. Run felt great. This time I also ended my run with a 5 minute walk at 3.0 speed (but I did not record that info on the Polar, as I just record running data).
Time: 33:03
Distance: 3 miles
AVG Pace: 11:01
Calories: 320
AVG HR: 139bpm Cardia Drift: 150bpm (I think my MAX HR is 183)

My splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 11:41 AVG HR: 131bpm Cardia Drift: 140 TM speed 5.2
Mile 2: 10:52 AVG HR: 140bpm Cardia Drift: 144 TM speed 5.5
Mile 3: 10:30 AVG HR: 145bpm Cardia Drift: 150 TM speed 5.7

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