Monday, May 12, 2008


Legs feel great today, but I'm taking a rest day as I have a special Mother's Day event at my daughters school. Will do the slow MAF run on the treadmill at the gym tomorrow to keep these legs loose for the 10K race on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I knew you were a complete studette, but what a great result for you. I am so impressed and envious. Gregg insists I check his blog daily and now I will be hooked on yours, too! Keep up the good work.

mom2beccaNallie said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy!

Not sure if I'm a studette:), but I am definitely enjoying this training/racing thing!! Makes my 43 year old body not feel so old:) and shows my kids I'm not just a stay at home mom. And the best part about it is it got Gregg into running (finally)!!

CewTwo said...

Wow! What a blog! Joanne, this is amazing!

8:30 pace. Pretty fast! Much faster than am I.

I am interested on how that great 8:30 pace will translate into a 10K race.

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it and will be following you as you RUN to qualify for NY 2009.

I am registered to run Chicago in October this year. Open corral, of course. I've never run a marathon but have run 2 organized half-marathons. I am running the Colorado Colfax Half-marathon Sunday Morning!

mom2beccaNallie said...
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mom2beccaNallie said...

Hi Cewtwo!

I am also curious how my time will translate to my 10k race on Saturday. I'll keep you posted. My ultimate goal is a marathon, but I haven't even run a half yet. LOL

Wow, I was concerned about my racing schedule of me running a 4mile race and then 6 days running a 10k. But you ran a 10k this weekend, and 7 days later you're running a half marathon. I'm very curious/interested in seeing your results, and learning how you felt during and most importantly afterwards.

Good luck with the half I'm sure you'll do great. Can't wait to read your results!